On the Other Hand

“Clouds, Vapor, and CO2” is splitting hairs. A 33 percent increase of a trace gas is still a trace gas. Some climatologists have show CO2 content has been much higher at times when the Earth went through an Ice Age with analysis of ice cores in glaciers. If you try to reduce CO2 to close to zero, which is impossible, all plant life on Earth would perish.

Second, it’s true clouds keep temperatures warmer by reducing heat radiation into the upper atmosphere. However anyone who has been outside when the clouds obscure the sun will note that it’s cooler.

Finally the settled science (no true science gets settled as the postulates are examined and tested continually) has another group of scientists who point out the flaws of the climate change alarmists. Of course there’s climate change! The question is what causes it. If you think it’s anthropogenic, guess again. You can hold your breath, bicycle to work, shiver when the windmills are not turning, and put a cork in every cow and all your efforts get blown out of the water with a single volcano eruption. Try putting a cork in that.

As long as we are recommending books I invite you to read Gregory Wrightstone’s Inconvenient Facts. He also has a website where you can plug in any Climate Change alarmists’ supposition and read the refuting facts. Which leads me to a challenge, who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes? Read the headlines: “Coldest February in 136 years in Los Angeles”; “40 feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada”; and the annoying fact that sea-rise predictions don’t jive with what we’re witnessing. What we are witnessing looks more like the beginning of another Ice Age, and I’ve got some books I can recommend on that topic as well.

With the money we are wasting on phony attempts to control the Earths climate (what arrogance), we could electrify all of Africa. Feed and bring clean drinking water to underdeveloped nations. This whole climate change scam is such folly and is the real sin against humanity. While we enrich Al Gore with carbon credits and cook up crooked schemes to tax industries, we aren’t going to reduce global emissions. Instead we hurt poor people in the pocket. The global warming sheeple don their hair shirts and self righteously proclaim we’re saving the planet.


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