Petra Mints | Credit: Wes Glenna

When Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich founded Kiva Confections in 2010, the cannabis edibles market was in a dismal place. They didn’t taste very good, for starters, but more concerning, the dosage wasn’t quite consistent, meaning each gummy or cookie packed an element of psychoactive surprise. 

Edibles have endured a revolution since — they are now more diverse and controlled than any aspect of the industry — and yet, Kiva is still leading the way. One of the company’s most popular products are the Petra Mints, which offer a 2.5mg dose of THC in each tablet. Palmer answered a few of my questions about the product via email. 

Where do the 2.5mg Petra Mints fit into Kiva’s wide range of products?  Kiva’s mission is to change how the world views and uses cannabis. Offering a wide assortment of product formats, tastes, and potencies allows us to reach a variety of consumers. 

Some may have never even tried edibles before. For them, Petra is the perfect introductory product. Most flavors contain 2.5mg of THC, a modest dose whose relaxing and mood-boosting benefits will be enjoyable to most people. It also ensures that no one will have an overwhelming edibles experience, which can be a barrier to further exploration. 

What is microdosing?  It’s the process of taking small amounts of cannabis for its benefits, which could otherwise be obscured in larger doses. In California, a standard edibles dose is considered 10mg of THC. This is actually a pretty strong dose for people with a low tolerance. 

A small dose of cannabis enhances your experience without overtaking it. Many users, myself included, use a cannabis microdose as a productivity tool. When you take the edge off of your stress, you’re able to be more present with your tasks and get into a flow state, where real breakthroughs can happen. For creatives, it’s a game changer. 

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Who’s the target market for Petra?  Consumers range from techies to artists to parents. Petra’s nickname has actually been “mom mints” for a couple years now. They are powerful enough to make you feel happier and less stressed but subtle enough that you don’t feel intoxicated. 

Cannabis may be known for getting people high, but there’s actually a whole range of uses and experiences that have nothing to do with its psychoactive effects.

What should first-time users know about edibles? What’s the right dose?  The most important thing to know about edibles is that it can take up to two hours for you to feel the effects. This time will vary from person to person based on a few factors, like your height, weight, the last time you’ve eaten, and your usage of cannabis products. Because of this time delay, it’s key to start with a low dose of edibles, between 2 and 5mg of THC, and to wait the full two hours before consuming more. 

There is no “right dose.” You have to find your most effective dose through a process called titration: slowly raising it over time to find the experience you most enjoy. It’s also important to note that you might want to choose different doses for different uses. Enjoying a picnic with friends is different than trying to have a deep, restful sleep. Chances are, you’ll have a preferred dose, and even product, for each.

What can be done if you eat too much?  The best antidote is simply time, but there are a few tips to make your experience more comfortable while you wait. Make sure to drink water, take a CBD-rich product (which counteracts THC’s effects), and try to stay calm. It may feel like an emergency, but one of the best things about cannabis is that it’s nontoxic. Even though it may feel like an eternity, remember that you will be back to normal in no time.

Petra Mints and other Kiva Confections products are available in Santa Barbara at The Farmacy (128 W. Mission St.; [805] 880-1207; and Coastal Dispensary (1019 Chapala St.; [805] 380-7730; 

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