Recently, I read the letter “Mowing the Grass.” I was taken back and saddened by the writer’s obvious dislike of the only Democratic nation in the Middle East, Israel.

For starters, the writer implies the U.S.-backed Israeli government continued its assault in the air and on the ground in Gaza. However, is the Biden administration a friend to Israel? It has lifted the sanctions on Iran, given millions of dollars to the Palestinians that is now in the hands of the Palestinian Authority, and no U.S. ambassador to Israel has been chosen. Iran, Hamas, the PA,and other terrorists in the Middle East openly state they want to eradicate Israel.

Second, how did the recent flare up start in the Middle East ? Hamas send thousands of huge rocket bombs into Israeli cities. Israel defended itself with the Iron Dome and its citizens fled into bunkers. Then the Israeli military responded.

It targeted the homes of Hamas leaders, destroyed tunnels used by Hamas, and blew up a building that housed the AP and Al Jezeera media, as well as housed terrorists. The Biden administration was notified before Israel took action and the building was evacuated. The writer was wrong about Israel fighting on the ground in Gaza. Israel spread the myth that its military was going into Gaza, but it was a trick. They stopped at the border, as they tricked Hamas fighters to evacuate their tunnels.

Sadly, during this conflict children and adults were injured and some killed. But so were many Hamas terrorists. Israel protected its citizens with Iron Dome and bunkers. How did Hamas protect the Palestinians in Gaza, after they started the war? They did not. There were no bunkers and Hamas hid in schools and among the general population.

Unfortunately in the future, things in the Middle East will most likely get worse. With a weak president the terrorists and Iran are emboldened. And throughout the U.S. and the world, radical groups, anti-Semitics, jihadists, a leftist controlled media, and the Democrat Party will add fuel to the fire.

I, for one, believe Israel has a God-given right to exist.


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