SBAOR President Todd Shea hits the links.

By Todd Shea
2023 President
Santa Barbara Association of Realtors

I took advantage of our incredible Santa Barbara weather this weekend, and played some golf at Sandpiper golf course in Goleta. Even if you don’t like golf, Sandpiper is a magnificent display of our region and I highly recommend it. The famous 12th hole on this lovely seaside course requires you to hit from a high tee box down to a green that is practically on Haskell’s Beach. One of the amazing advantages of playing golf is meeting so many wonderful individuals and this round was no different playing with old friends and making some new ones.

After getting home, I watched the Women’s US OPEN at Pebble Beach. Those women are incredible!! Making me both inspired to go play again and feeling even more blessed just playing our local bluff front course! Golf, which is frequently viewed as a relaxing activity, offers more than simply exercise and fun on beautiful courses. Behind the picturesque scenery and cordial rivalry and ribbing, golf instills important life lessons that go well beyond just playing a round. So grab your clubs and come along as we explore the life lessons that golf may teach you.

Patience is Key: You’ll quickly learn that being patient is a virtue on the golf course. The game of golf necessitates accuracy, focus, and composure. Every swing teaches you the skill of holding out for the right opportunity, having faith in the process, and understanding that not every shot will turn out as you had hoped.Similar to this, patience in life enables us to confront difficulties with a calm attitude and keeps us concentrated on our long-term objectives.

Embrace Adaptability: Life frequently throws us curveballs, much like the weather can change during a round of golf or you might not have the perfect lie. Golf teaches us to adjust and modify our strategy based on the situation. To overcome obstacles, you might need to switch your club or your shot. When dealing with life’s constant change, flexibility and adaptability are essential.

Persistence Pays Off: Golfers are familiar with the frustration of making a terrible shot or missing a simple putt. But instead of giving up, they refocus and give it another shot. Golf teaches us the value of tenacity and getting back up after setbacks. One of the most important life skills that can help someone succeed in any effort is the capacity to pick oneself up after failing.

Honesty and Integrity: When playing golf, players are required to uphold a stringent code of ethics and act with integrity at all times. This culture of self-policing encourages a climate of respect and trust. A fundamental principle, honesty encourages us to operate with integrity in all facets of life and transcends the golf course.

Practice Makes Perfect: Consistency is key to mastering the game of golf. The same idea holds true in everyday life. How you play on the course is a reflection of how much practice (or how much more you need haha) you have put in before playing. Practice and commitment are crucial for improving your abilities, pursuing a passion, or achieving personal growth. Golf teaches us that over time, small intentional adjustments can result in substantial advancement and success.

Stay Present: Golf requires complete attention to each shot, leaving little time for distractions. Golf teaches us the value of being in the moment. It’s simple to get caught up in thoughts about mistakes made in the past or potential outcomes in the future. We can maximize every opportunity, both on and off the golf course, by focusing on the work at hand.

Sportsmanship and Friendship: Golf is frequently played with friends, coworkers, or even complete strangers. The activity promotes good sportsmanship, teamwork, and competitive respect. It teaches us to appreciate the ties created through common experiences, to recognize and support others when they succeed, and to embrace our own triumphs. These principles extend beyond the field of play and help us forge lasting bonds in both our personal and professional interactions.

Remember that golf offers more than just strokes and putts as you step onto the course. The game of golf offers a platform for life lessons that mold our personalities and direct us toward personal development. Our local area of Santa Barbara is the perfect location to get out and play this incredible sport. In fact, reach out!! I would love to play with you sometime.

Next time you step onto the fairway, embrace the lessons that golf has to offer and let them enrich your journey both on and off the course.

Todd Shea is the 2023 president of the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors (SBAOR). He is a California licensed real estate agent with the Zia Group powered by eXp Realty here in Santa Barbara. He has served on and chaired several committees within the SBAOR and served on its board of directors. Todd can be reached at 805.453.7730 and or message and follow @toddshearealtor on Instagram. 


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