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George deeply appreciates that the Indy provides him with a paid hobby that involves eating, drinking, and writing. In a previous life he taught poorly unprepared and richly ungrateful college students how to write. He has been a body guard for Jodie Foster, a walk-on dancer with French avant garde troupe Maguy Marin, a film programmer, a judge at several food competitions, a political activist, a textbook author, a bassist in a band, a two-time league winning fantasy baseball manager, a union local president, a homebrewer, a pr flack helping run a red carpet at an Angelina Jolie event, a janitor, a chauffeur to folks from TC Boyle to Andrei Codrescu, a delivery man to Plato's Retreat, a grader of GMATs for ETS, a radio DJ, a corn detassler, an escort van driver, a rock journalist, a lab assistant for a company that made everything from mouthwash to super skin lubricant, and even a poet. Currently George markets only for the forces of good to make a living.

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