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Posted on December 29 at 12:32 p.m.

Why does the Indy incessantly peddle pseudoscientific medical practices?

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Posted on June 4 at 4:04 p.m.

The things I've mentioned, that you suggest "I" find offensive, are objectively offensive by any rational measure you might choose.

Moral relativism will be the undoing of liberal democracy.

On What Next, Puritans?

Posted on June 4 at 12:55 p.m.

Tu quoque? Surely you can't be serious.

It's also somewhat insincere of you to suggest that the man that murdered Dr. Tiller is anyway representative of the Christian community as a whole, or even a substantial portion thereof. Tiller's killer represents the extreme fringe of the Christianity, and he is acknowledged as such in nearly every form of law, media and culture in this country. That's the difference you fail to see. There is no such acknowledgement from the Islamic community, except from the liberal fringe and those that condemn the subjugation of women and the restriction of speech and expression are absolutely and without question the fringe of Islam.

So, if you can make any reasonable argument that the men who murdered Theo van Gogh, for instance, somehow represent the fringe of Islam, I'm willing to listen. The deck is clearly stacked against you though, because last I checked, the Pope isn't issuing fatwas on abortion doctors.

Now I won't dare suggest that which ever religion is less violent is therefore "better." That's not the argument I'm trying to make here at all so please don't be confused. If it were up to me, we would dismiss all these fairytales immediately. In my opinion it's safe to acknowledge that Islam presents a far greater threat to freedom and democracy than any other religion, you know, the low hanging fruit. We can take on the creationists next week.

On What Next, Puritans?

Posted on June 4 at 9:43 a.m.

One that doesn't threaten to murder cartoonists.

On What Next, Puritans?

Posted on May 30 at 11:16 a.m.

The Arizona law is just more big-government intrusion into people's lives. Don't tread on me!

On Arizona Law Protestors Hit the Streets

Posted on May 27 at 10:49 a.m.

Zombie Falwell, oh dear. That's frightening.

On A Mosque Grows in Goleta

Posted on May 26 at 3:28 p.m.

Given the current choice of authors for our childrens' textbooks, third-rate politicians (the Texas BoE) or college professors (aka historians), I can't honestly see why this is up for debate. Unless of course you're convinced that college professors are communists trying to spread propoganda ... this all making sense suddenly. The college professors have spent the better part of their lives studying history, meanwhile going into tremendous debt, putting off having children and starting a family in most cases, so that they can then turn around and sell textbooks to make a fortune and raise a future army of communist soliders that will destroy religion, take all the guns and vote for black guys with funny names. Oh, and make Republicans look bad.

On Should we join Texas in amending textbooks to stress American exceptionalism, challenge purely secular government, and show Republican history in a more positive light?

Posted on May 25 at 11:28 a.m.

Islam is not being "hijacked" by radicals. The liberal Muslims are the exception, not the rule.

Very interesting piece on MTV, of all places, last night. "True Life: Resist the Power! Saudi Arabia." Some highlights: being a progressive muslim woman means instead covering your entire body in black, you add a colorful scarf and if you want to be truly radical you wear a sheet color other than black; women cannot ride bicycles without disguising themselves as boys; or attend government meetings in any capacity; or post a picture of their face on social networking websites. Compassionate and merciful are not this first things that come to mind, regardless of what each chapter of their literature begins with.

We should not "coexist" with this kind of overt discrimination and inequality, much less allow it to persist within our own borders.

On A Mosque Grows in Goleta

Posted on May 24 at 10:53 a.m.

It's comical when people expect to be taken seriously after bush league cut-and-paste jobs. Most of which I didn't read, but a quick skim shows that it's nothing more than Chomsky-esque apologetics.

Nothing in my post that was removed could be construed as the least bit objectionable. I have never used racial epithets or slurs or, what I would consider, bigotted language on this site and that is absolutely purposeful. For the record, this thread could contain just as many harsh words from myself if it tried to portray the Jewish community as doing nothing more than "spreading a unifying message" while Israel continues an illegal occupation and expands their settlements in Palestinian territory.

I am an equal opportunity cynic and will always rigorously defend liberal-democractic values against cultures that needlessly prolong the progress towards equality and justice. Ideas, religious or otherwise, do not have rights and should always be open to criticism because the truth survives debate.

On A Mosque Grows in Goleta

Posted on May 23 at 3:57 p.m.

Do not conflate my contempt for Islam with a general contempt for Muslims, or Arabs, or Persians etc etc. This is a common tactic that ideologues (and moral relativists for that matter) use when confronted with criticism. Instead of engaging in rational debate and facing criticism, insist that your ideas deserve respect simply because they are part of your religious practice and then condemn anyone who tries to vilify your brutality and barbarism as "intolerant." For the record, I would just as soon vilify Israel for their continued expansion of settlements in the Gaza strip and West Bank if this article tried to portray Jews as doing nothing but "spreading a unifying message."

Regardless of what age I might be, Mr. Farouq, you obviously have no understanding of what freedom of speech means for modern society and would fail a high school history class. You are honestly suggesting we place restrictions upon the content of speech so that you might not be insulted? Ideas, religious or otherwise, do not have rights. Only after ideas are scrutinized, criticized and debated does society progress because the truth survives criticism. You can point out the West's past atrocities and pretend to be indignant and ungrateful for the freedom you enjoy in this country, but you cannot erase our history of consistent progress towards equality and justice. If you'd like to know what society resembles when you stifle the freedom of speech, look no further (do I honestly need to finish this sentence?)

So it was tex805 and commandertactyface who saw me murder my daughter after she was raped. Jeez, can't a guy get any privacy?

On A Mosque Grows in Goleta

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