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Posted on November 25 at 7:45 a.m.

Cartoonz, you make some good points, BUT, you probably didn't know that the founding fathers wrote the constitution because the believed it was 'far better to allow a guilty man to be set free than to convict an innocent man". Otherwise, how could you say "it sucks" that Lance got away with something?

On Lance Cites 'Outrageous Government Conduct' in Motion to Dismiss

Posted on November 21 at 8:43 a.m.

Thanks, JohnLocke,

I forgot about that allegation. Maybe that was Judge Hill's (and the DA's) real plan in dragging the hearings out and then switching out of the first set of issues and into the more pedestrian probable cause issue to obscure that allegation, and the resolution of it which migh have actually required an investigation and subsequent prosecution. Just saying.

On Judge Throws Out Lance DUI Case

Posted on November 21 at 5:09 a.m.

Funny thing, that back in the day when a kid thought someone was on to him for scribbling upon the stall walls of the schoolhouse toilet, he would stop writing upon that wall. Is that what we witnessed here yesterday '

You wouldn't happen to know whatever happened to one of your like minded pontificators who goes by the name of "IntheKnow" would you? Since I went back and read all the related posts, I noticed that author was most prolific, and then just stopped writing.

There sure are a lot of people here who presume to know so much, like Draxor. I've admitted to attending many hearings and troubling to read court files. What are all your sources?

On Judge Throws Out Lance DUI Case

Posted on November 20 at 3:54 p.m.

Perhaps when the video is finally released we will come closer to knowing what happened.

On Alleged Victim of Excessive Force to be Charged with DUI

Posted on November 20 at 3:52 p.m.

Well, DeniseL:

How about when That guy robbed Robo Bank in Goleta several months back. The bank video was played on Channel 3 the same night, though the criminal case was not yet filed, and the investigation, including eyewitness interviews were still ongoing.

And what exactly are your credentials for knowing what a first year law student would know, or who or who is not a good lawyer for either side of any case?

On Let's See the Video Then

Posted on November 20 at 1:03 p.m.


Genis, whether you love humor hate him did not fail in any of his proof in the serialized Lance hearings. He proved she lied on her motor vehicle paperwork. The ministers sworn statement was admitted and unrefuted. As for the rest of it, those matters conveniently got swept under the rug by Judge Hill, presumably so he would not have to let a jury hear all the dirty Landry on Beutel. Just because Hill found a way to duck the real issues does not mean Beutel, SBPD, or the DA was exhonerated.

On Judge Throws Out Lance DUI Case

Posted on November 20 at 12:49 p.m.


I'm not missing anything. You aren't making any points.

Lance made a number of allegations which if false would long ago have resulted in a mega lawsuit against him and the "New Supress". But alas, no lawsuit.

Let's look at som of those allegations:

1. She suborned a minister to falsify an official government document so she could increase her financial renumeration in family law court.

What proof is there of this claim Lance wrote about and NP published? Only the sworn declaration of Reverend James and his wife. I guess in your polyanna world that is 'no proof'.

2. Beutel lied under oath in her divorce.
What proof is there of this claim Lance wrote about and NP published? Only the official VC Superior Court file stamped documents. Again, you say:"no proof"

3. Beutel lied under oath about Lance in her DMV paperwork.
What proof is there of this claim aside from the testimony of her fellow officers? According to you, again there is no proof.

I could go on, having been interested enough to take time out of my daily life to go down to court and watch, and even to obtain access to the various court files to see them for myself.

Who you are is of much interest, especially if you have a bias as a member of the law enforcement community (which includes court staff and prosecutors. BTW, until you put a first name and contact info into your reply, you are still just an immature punk scribbling upon bathroom walls.

Gary Young

On Judge Throws Out Lance DUI Case

Posted on November 20 at 11:37 a.m.

Dear "Goodprevails"
Someone recently suggested that comments on Internet blogs are today's version of bathroom graffiti.

I think that when people make bold comments behind fake names, there is a lot of truth in that observation.

John Locke may be right, or wrong, but he is NOT a coward.

You, on the other hand take cheap shots at everyone and anyone who challenges your polyanna views.

In otherwords, until you stop anonymously scribbling on thes new age bathroom walls and accept accountability for your comments, right thinking intelligent people will know that you are a coward and a joke.

The same can be said for legend in its mind "legendary yeti" "draxor" and a few others.

While I don't agree with "billclausen" I can say he is man enough to sign his name to his opinions, and that buys him credibility you and others lack.

On Judge Throws Out Lance DUI Case

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