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Posted on April 16 at 10:41 a.m.

City and county planners are working from false assumptions. The idea that we need to grow is not healthy or realistic. Santa Barbara should not be judged compared to other regions.

High housing costs exist in any region with natural beauty and lower population density. City and county planners need to acknowledge over-population and protect our region from it.

City and county planners should not be trying to compete with other areas. Their ideas about growth and density are at odds with preserving the beauty of this special place. City and county planners appear to be damaging this area so it looks and acts like everyplace else. Not good.

On The South Coast: A Tale of Two Workforces

Posted on April 11 at 8:03 p.m.

Common Core is political. It has little to do with students needs and much to do about public school funding, and standardized testing.

This one size fits all approach tries to encourage critical thinking, but has turned math classes into reading comprehension classes with less time spent actually learning and practicing pure mathmatics.

The main problem with most educational reform is that it usally doesn't come from classroom teachers but from lifelong college academics who have little classroom experience or talent with the kindergarten-12th grade students.

On Understanding Common Core

Posted on April 11 at 6:01 p.m.

I hope the County Supervisors realize how unpopular and unneccesary the proposed N. county jail is. They are naive to trust Sheriff Brown who has his ego firmly rooted in prison expansion.

Carbajal needs to do some homework, and show some leadership on this issue if he wants to attract the intelligent voters for his congressional run. Also, the progressives will abandon him if he cripples the County budgets for the next 30 years with this huge, unneccesary, financial burden.

On ACLU Forum Questions New Jail

Posted on April 9 at 11:32 a.m.

Building this jail would be the single largest legacy of failure any S.B. County BOS could ever muster.

Brown doesn't have the numbers to support it. Forcing mental health clients into his prison system is immoral.

The BOS went after the construction carrot from the State and now will burden County tax payers with $18 million+ every year unless they start representing their constituents.

Roads, parks, and other basic County services will be cut back in years to come to pay for the CCPOA and this ever growing prison industry.

On Sheriff Misfires in Budget Shootout

Posted on March 29 at 1:51 p.m.

Districts may not be the perfect solution, but the at large system was not working.

The Westside and Eastside are getting the unfair brunt of the high-density, public housing, which has caused those neighborhoods to decline. The resulting violent crime, decrease of open space, and lack of park-land are the results of an at-large system. Other neighborhoods have a more sustainable balance of open space vs. development, cleaner air, and a safer environment to live in.

The housing authority could be working to help under-privileged children be successful in schools, and creating a healthier environment to grow up in. Instead they get manipulated into making the problems worse by cramming more and more, higher apartment buildings, with no yards, near dangerous transportation corridors. Talk about setting up a child for failure. Of course the gangs will form out of that unhealthy environment.

Gerry, whose idea was it to put the initiative on the ballot for the at-large system? Was it the Councils?

On Taking Racism Out of City Elections

Posted on March 28 at 12:29 p.m.

You may not like Barry, or his in your face style, but he's right.

When 60% of the voters control !00% of the government, the minority 40% are not represented. The Constitution is all about protecting the rights of the minority.

What I want to know is who, or what power base, made the change to at large elections? Santa Barbara used to have district elections years ago.

On Taking Racism Out of City Elections

Posted on March 26 at 1:01 p.m.

There is no water for this project.

If they think they can dig a well and suck up the water along Hot Springs Creek they will kill the wildlife in the area.

If Casa Dorinda wants to grow, they need to open a new campus where the growth would be sustainable, in an area that is compatible with the environment and the neighborhoods.

On Casa Dorinda ‘Needs a Facelift’

Posted on March 26 at 11:29 a.m.

Good for Hannah-Beth Jackson for at least trying to get something going, no one else has been able to.

Once the train drops you off at the station there still needs to be buses or shuttles to transport people all over town. Otherwise, people will still need to drive. Perhaps SBCAG could focus on that part of the equation.

The third lane is still a hindrance since it has become an HOV lane and prohibits 95% of cars from using it. The failed history and politics of HOV lanes is disappointing as UC studies have proven HOV lanes create an overall slowing on our freeways, and increase air pollution and global warming.

On All Aboard the Commuter Rail?

Posted on March 24 at 9:47 p.m.

luv4all, your statement,

"One cannot judge what is a woman's right and what is not just by looking at the male dominated governments because that too is all impact of culture and society, not religion."

is completely false. The culture and society are rooted in Islamic law.

Sharia law is rooted in Islam. Sharia law clearly denies human rights to women. The Ahmadiyya religious movement founded in British India near the end of the 19th century does not not represent Islamic law, nor is it considered Islamic by many Islamic countries.

It would be nice if the Ahmadiyya religious movement could reform Islam, but when you try to represent the whole of Islam as a peaceful religion you are being dishonest.

On Women's Roles in Islam

Posted on March 24 at 10:46 a.m.'...

According to Islamic law, women in Saudia Arabia cannot drive or travel without a male escort.

"It is true that there are many Muslim countries that seemingly oppress women, and blame is placed on the religion of Islam. We, as a progressive and educated society, need to understand that such faults lie with the humans and not the religion."

This is a false statement from the author. He knows that the majority of Muslims follow Islamic law which denies basic rights to women.

The authors view of Islam is not the prevailing view throughout the Islamic world. The way to judge women's rights is not by what someone tells you, but by what actually happens and what actually is tolerated by the male dominated governments. Remember Islam is not only a religion but a form of government. Currently most Islamic governments such as the one in the land of Mecca are far behind the non-Islamic governments in granting women human rights.

On Women's Roles in Islam

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