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Posted on February 3 at 12:39 p.m.

To place the "awkward" on Jennifer is ridiculous. Someone on stage was awkward... but it wasn't the actress! Uncomfortable, yes, but so were the rest of us. You had a young actor who talks freely in every interview she has ever given without the self importance of many in her generation. She is a breathe of fresh air. But Mr Durling insisted in throwing out such lauding as, "She is more than a star - she is a super-nova!" Miss Lawrence would probably prefer star over "giant burn-out", but then we could forgive Mr. Durling's poor astrophysics knowledge if he had conducted a better interview in the area of his expertise.

In fact, It could have been a great evening if a conversation was ever started. The fault was with Durling who insisted on proving to the audience that he was well versed in film history and imposed his awkward manner on the entire interview. To start Mr. Durling didn't really follow the first rule of an interviewer, "Ask open questions." Instead he summarized his opinion of her performances, her directors, her co-stars and then asked, "So was it like that?" while he swirled his hands about. It was equal parts awkward and annoying. She was able to answer most of his "questions" with a polite "Thank you." The audience around me was so frustrated with his poorly prepared questions, I overheard "Oh wow, he finally followed up on something she said!" Rule #2 Mr. Durling, "Listen to your guest." He seemed so undone when she gave a self-depricating answer or disposed some poor research he had conducted, he could hardly move forward. David O. Russell had the great line of the evening as he introduced her award, "Since neither of you are comfortable talking..." Thank you David, we were all thinking the same thing. Bottom line - Jennifer Lawrence should get an apology AND the Academy Award.

On Jennifer Lawrence’s Awkward Conversation

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