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Posted on March 10 at 4:03 p.m.

I personally understand Anthony's concern about ethical reporting after the NewsPress debacle a while back but a gentle reminder to everyone that Starshine is not reporting the news. Her piece was more about life, and events as seen through her eyes. It is not political just fun. In fact, I think Starshine has an some good points (except when she sez it in French) in her response, but in this "small town" I think these points are a given. Peace-Blessings -Jerry

On Stick to Subject

Posted on May 20 at 4:09 p.m.

Matt you need to get out more. SB is loaded with ethic diversity. Having read the Koran back to front and having sat in discussion with Persian friends who practice Islam I think this article is slanted.

Is there such a thing as a Liberal Rumsfeld Spin?

I do not agree with the interviewer's lead in the second paragraph... "Aside from the fact that most religions have a separation of sexes somewhere in their history"

Has the interviewer considered WHY there was a separation of sexes in most religious institutions? In most if not all historical periods it was due to sexual inequality, with the shorter end of the stick placed on upon the female's back.

I agree that "Men and women of Islam are equally responsible in Islam." Who on earth would not agree with this statement?

The statement that I would be impressed with is "men and women are equally held responsible in Islam" or "men and women are considered equals in Islam."

On A Mosque Grows in Goleta

Posted on August 26 at 11:19 a.m.

Excellent write Rochell. There comes with judgment alot of stigmatism. We do not "see" the real people.

I think many who have over come great challenges or been the object of ridicule, judgement and have somehow come to terms with what I think is a true-self.

This true-self is when we get a sense of what is really important. You may be feeling it when you are being the fruit-fly, I dunno. There may be less judgment from him then what you get from your closest girlfriends.

BTW the true-self can happen for anyone gay or not. Most of us straight men who find it are believed to be in the closet about their sexuality.

Because we do not care about the superficial as much as others (male and female) think we should and we usually tend to have more female friends then male. Newsflash... we are straight.

The true self is love... for others but mostly for oneself and through love we find the honesty to share our love. Peace-Blessings

Just my opinion.

On None

Posted on August 26 at 10:30 a.m.

Well I think we may have an arsonist out there. A real fire starter. Probably a male between 18-30 who craves excitement but rarely intends to harm people so he sets a fire in remote locations. Returns later to the scene to view his work. I do not think anyone in the right mind would dare set a fire, especially a gnome of any kind.

Remember how angry the community was over the tea fire. Remember the outrage and the cry for JUSTICE???

From what I understand those out-of-town college kids came forth and turned themselves in after the fire. Today there are people who remain upset with the light sentencing and this was a much more damaging fire.

Now, our beautiful community, with little or no evidence, thinks it must have been the gnomes?

Why would someone come forth when everything you say is not to help heal the community but... will be used to prosecute?

It would seem that we are out for blood. I think I understand why no one is coming forth and helping with the investigation. We think it could be one of our own who is the target. A neighbor or friend, a child or a parent. Not someone from someplace else.

Just my opinion...

On Good Deed Gone Really, Really Bad?

Posted on August 26 at 9:50 a.m.

JustSayin... The customer buys some advertisments and part of that deal includes a plug like this one. If it was a real review with real critics half of the eateries in SB would never want to advertise in the supress or the dependent.

bmcfadden... Yes but probably only for the interview. The customer usually gets to describe the food and the paper simply puts the plug together. Although I am sure they occasionally do eat at all the places due to the meal credits (part of the deal). Its just business and not to be taken literally.

However...having grown up in and living in New Mexico (including Albuquerque) for half of my adult life I can say that the New Mexico flavor is unique.

Lepht at Albuquarkie!!! NOT the place to find it. Nor is the Zia Cafe on lower State.

I have found one place in Santa Barbara. Lazy Acres has (in hispanic section) an enchilada sauce appropiately named... "HATCH".

The little town of Hatch NM by the Rio Grand river is the center of all southwestern flavors.

Albuquerque is about two and a half hours north. Once you taste the flavor you will understand what the southwest rave is about. The families who grow on the river have been doing so since the Spanish colonized the area late 1500's. Maybe practice makes perfect.

I just hope it doesnt take hundreds of years for a southwestern restaurant in SB to get it right.
Just My Opinion.

On L is for Left at Albuquerque

Posted on August 7 at 10:53 a.m.

One... He was on probation and he broke probation before he was caught... ie thinks he is above the law...

Two... Once caught red handed and admitted to drinking was arrested because breaking probation is a criminal act. Honesty in this case does NOT make him a good decision maker. This is not a cherry tree and he is not a Washington.

Three... No repeat criminals should be allowed to run for office.

I am sure most alchoholics that say they will quite after being arrested really feel legit... but time is relentless and proves them wrong the old saying of "ten is not enough and one is too many" comes to mind.

Jus-my-pinion...Viva La Fiesta!!!

On Thyne Facing DUI Probation Violation Charges

Posted on July 31 at 11:34 a.m.

Im all for legalizing this drug for the people who need it and for those who think they need it. But it seemed to me like the moment it became legal every pot smoker or wanna be dealer wanted to open a shop or get a growers permit.

Something I suggested before... Why don't we simply allow our local pharmacy to dispense the drug? Pharmacists are well aware of the drug. Neuropsychopharmacology is not just a big word you know.

There are plenty of pharmacies which are qualified and are familiar with working in the medical arena because they already Despense Drugs!
Just my Opinion

On Pot Potpourri

Posted on July 31 at 11:20 a.m.

mizlizying - Your comments really are interesting. Our small dog is not agressive... However if he ever attacked a leashed counterpart only "one" time and got hurt it would be 100% our blame. This is called taking responsibility. I have seen small dogs leashed at Hendry's because they are not socialized. The notion that it was the leashed dogs fault or the fault of the owner that the leashed dog was defending shows you know zip about animals or the responsibility that comes with caring for them.

Secondly "HOOD" This is for Samuel too. Read in context of which the author of the words wrote. Derived from"neighborhood" an area which one lives/lived/ or is in. If we dont know something we look it up.

Moonfruit - you said it best half way down this collumn this doesnt require all these opinions, but it has brought out some issues people have on the subject. It is no longer about the family or the dogs it is about whats right and whats left. At the end of the day its just us.
Just My Opinion

On Dog Kills Dog at Hendry's Beach

Posted on July 29 at 12:49 p.m.

My wife and I heard the shots there were two bam bam then a slight pause and and three more bam bam bam. I noted the time and it was at 10:50pm. Sounded about only a half mile away at the time.

We heard sirens shortly after and assumed it had been called in.

On No Injuries in Drive-by

Posted on July 27 at 11:22 a.m.

I remember someone suggesting a good while back in the news-supress that we should not consider ourselves owners, but guardians of animals, and someone else retorted with. Cats do not have owners... Cats have staff.

I cannot imagine that we will ever be decent to animals if we cannot be decent to each other first. Sure its easy to be nice when things are going well but bring something like this topic into the light and watch the claws and fangs come out.

Respect for life is not fighting for life. Its living and loving. When animal rights people can show the animal entertaining people that there is a better way, then it will begin to stop.

But to scream and shout and call names there will never be conversion, and there will always be PETA's to cash in on that ignorance. Choose love and understanding and you will succeed. Lead by example.

Or not...

Just My Opinion

On None

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