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Posted on December 14 at 3:16 p.m.

I hope that he doesn't get disappointed and spends long days/weeks/months/years locked up...

Sound like he's seriously "off his rocker."

On Neil Baker Arrested at UCSB

Posted on September 8 at 8:48 a.m.

I worked for Harold at Applied Magnetics one summer (1957 I think) when I was still a student in Physics at UCSB. No Engineering at UCSB at the time. There were only 6 or 8 employees in the airport WWII barracks if I remember correctly and I recall that the recording heads for the oil industry weren't selling. Harold decided that the price would be raised and they started selling!

I still remember Tom Russell who was a UCSB classmate of mine and Fergie and forget the name of the auto mechanic (Tom?) who wanted a sales job and I think he got it by taking some heads to Vandenburg and getting some sales.

It was like a close family and a great summer job.

I remember the coffee breaks and the talks in the barracks and how well Harold treated his employees. I also remember that we had received a sample of the then just coming to market Kodak 501 cement and we tried to glue a small piece of wood to the tire of the Peugot which was being used as the "company car." (Thankfully didn't work!)

Nice car and I recall driving it to Santa Barbara to pick up something from a machinist that was doing some work for Harold.

In a way I wish I'd taken Harold up on his promise to hire me when I finished school but at that time, 1961, I ended up going to work for EG&G which was relatively new in Goleta.

I never visited Harold after that but my parents who lived in SB used to play bridge with him and his wife if I remember correctly and I'd get bits and pieces of information from them.

And a few years ago when I was visiting UCSB I was surprised to find the large building carrying Harold's name!!!

Brings back good memories! Were I closer than Silicon Valley where I now lived after retired from 30 years of college teaching, I'd be at the service.

Best wishes to family members.

On Obituary for Harold Frank

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