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Posted on November 11 at 3:09 p.m.

I love how Catholics, Mormons and Protestants are called out in the opening line. The truth is, the Black and Hispanic voters pushed this issue over the line more than any other group. What rights are lost by homosexuals in California over this definition of marriage? None. It's interesting to me that the very people who claim to be victims of intolerance, are the least tolerant of people with opposing views...picketing churches. "Mormons are hated by everyone." Wow. What is wrong with OUR freedom of speech, with OUR right to vote as citizens. Tolerance for homosexuals is already clearly accepted by allowing ALL the rights of married couples, with the one exception of the definition of marriage. Just because minority groups often scream the loudest, you can't negate the fact that the people have spoken out.

On Why Prop. 8 Won

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