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Posted on January 4 at 10:48 p.m.

I received a new speaker docking station for my iphone for the holidays. Unfortunately, the only radio that I had left in the house was blocking the space for the new speakers. The only reason I kept the radio there was for the morning show whilst I drank my coffee. Now that the morning show is gone, I can get rid of the radio! Streaming KCRW/KEXP all the way! (much better indy music anyway). There is no need to listen to KJEE any more.
KJEE's morning show provided local traffic, news and a local perspective. Palmintery is Prime Time, Adam's stupid (but often funny commentary) on local and national issues, Spencer holding them all together.
BTW... listened to that new show on the way into work this morning just to see. Heard 15min of TMZ bs. What a FAIL move KJEE. F.A.I.L!

Spencer, Adam, Palmintary, Doug, Blazer... all the best to you.

KJEE... sorry to see you go.

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