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Posted on August 7 at 9:34 a.m.

Well, once again it seems that Chief Cam Sanchez's budget projections were nothing more than day-dreams. If I read the budget submissions to City Council correctly, he included this $580K as if it was already in the bank. Wrong!! Anyone who has even a rudimentary knowledge of budgeting knows that you don't put "pie in the sky" wishes into a realistic operating budget. Grants are never a sure thing -- nor is a police chief's tenure.

Instead of showing some individuality and leadership by defending his already dwindling resources, he has decided, as in the past, to once again lick the boots of the city manager and some members of the City Council by succumbing to their fanciful financial finagling intended to fool their constitutents into thinking that all is well in Santa Barbara. It is not!

When mayoral-candidate Dale Francisco recently revealed the council majority's well-kept secret that they had already spent all of the city's "rainy day reserves", those who pay attention to these things realized that the city is fecklessly flirting with financial failure. Are IOUs next? A question then arises -- can we also use IOUs to pay for the thousands of additional parking and traffic tickets Sanchez will order his officers to write in order to compensate for his ludicrous pecuniary pipe-dreams, such as counting money he doesn't have. Wouldn't it be cheaper to just find a new chief who knows how to budget and understands fiscal responsibility -- as well as how to properly assure the public safety of the people he serves?

On Cops Won't Get Grant

Posted on August 3 at 4:31 p.m.

Well, now we see an "education version" of the old shell game -- under which high school roof do we find the SBHS "low achievers"? If you can answer this (SBHS certainly can), you win $100,000!

It seems that SBHS administrators have learned a thing or two from our "spend, spend, spend" duplicitous SB City Council majority -- spend away the entire budget and the reserves, hide that fact, and pretend as if all is functioning well -- so well that you give all of the city staff an extra day off and a bigger salary. And the citizenry gets screwed as usual! The only difference is that with SBHS, they are tossing overboard the low-achieving students, hiding the money that should be spent on giving them an equal education with their SBHS peers, and then telling the Federal and State governments that all is functioning well and any sanctions should be removed!! Next, we'll see the SBHS administration getting higher salaries and longer school holidays! And the students who need help the most get screwed -- as usual!

I say "Elect Dale Francisco Mayor" and then give him control of the high schools -- and watch the changes that are implemented!!

Both the city and the schools need to be run like a business -- paying attention to the bottom line, delivering superb products and service, protecting your shareholders (errr, students), and "canning" those who aren't on board with this philosophy!

Oops, I almost forgot I'm a Democrat -- but, a "Blue Dog" one......the "Yellow Dogs" need to be sent to the pound along with the mess they've created.

Sic 'em, Dale!

On None

Posted on July 29 at 12:52 p.m.

One more thing I forgot to mention -- I strongly disagree with what seems to be Dale's stance on Prop 8, and believe firmly in the right of anyone to marry whomever they please. But, that has nothing to do with city governance! People who place such things as religious beliefs, sexual preferences, or a woman's choice over a person's qualifications to govern a city are fooling themselves, and that kind of thinking is what has driven this city into the mess it finds itself in today.

On Francisco Enters Mayoral Race

Posted on July 29 at 12:20 p.m.

First, I'm a liberal Democrat but also a fiscal conservative. I also belive that government has a fiduciary responsibility to its constituents to spend their tax money wisely. Government must also operate in the real world, and not continually subscribe to the fantasies of some of its officials. Unfortunately, we have such a city council here in Santa Barbara -- with one exception, Dale Francisco. His entrance into the mayoral race is a welcome development! Dale is a pragmatist, a fiscal conservative, and one who believes that our elected officials are accountable to the people they serve -- and he consistently exudes leadership -- something else we have been sorely lacking here. In other words, he'd make a great mayor! He has the vote of this Democrat, and I hope many others.

On Francisco Enters Mayoral Race

Posted on April 23 at 12:03 p.m.

Good point, David. I'm wondering why the Fire and Police Commission meetings aren't televised? Why are they held in the bowels of the Police building? It seems to me that, if everything in this story is correct, and I presume it is, this chief has the feeling that he is responsible to no one except the City Manager, and that a lack of public transparency is the best way to protect his otherwise mediocre performance and lack of interaction with his officers or the public he ultimately serves. I'm glad to see that the head of the Police Union has the intestinal fortitude to speak up and tell it the way it is. For those of us who have been here a long time, it is painfully obvious that the 8 years of this chief's tenure have been almost as damaging to this city as was the 8 year tenure of some of our former national leaders for our country. Anyone see the similarities?

On Clouds Gathering Over Police Chief

Posted on March 18 at 3:18 p.m.

The height of hypocrisy! News Press major domo Katich with regard to firing The Investigator said "I want the News-Press to be the source for information vital to the community's needs, where we represent both sides of the issue and let our readers determine for themselves the merits of either side. Personal attacks and hearsay has not been what this paper has been about and it's not what it will be about." So, is he going to apply that "policy" to Travis Armstrong as well. I can't recall more than a couple of editorials by that buffoon that were not personal attacks on his favorite punching bags, the Mayor and another female councilperson.

When someone like the Investigator, for one of the first times in years at the News Press, courageously exposes abusive, unethical and maybe criminal behavior by the chief of police, it seems to me that he should be applauded, but then there's the old adage about "kill the messenger". Ok, that was done, but now what about the Chief? There's another old adage that the truth shall prevail. I hope that's true in Santa Barbara.

On "The Investigator" Leaves the <em>News-Press</em>

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