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Posted on June 29 at 12:59 p.m.

Nude beaches, with signage to warn the "sensitive", should be a standard use of state beaches all along the CA coast. The signs will allow those offended to select another beach.

The greatest resistance to nude beaches comes from those industries profiting from the "shame" of expoure. Strip clubs, pornographers, mens magazine publishers, and churches want to keep nudity "sinful". It's profitable for all of them, and gives the churches another "vice" to combat.

A first step in California should be topless gender equality. There is no reason a woman should not be able to bare her chest in any situation a male can. The State of New York recognized this simple equality issue in 1992...and women now have the right to go topless everywhere a man might. Some choose to go topless, and most don't. But, the point is they all have the right to do so.

I used to to to Bates Beach in college. It was just fun in the sun. It should be retained as a nude beach. It's a great feature of the Santa Barbara area.

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