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Posted on August 5 at 11:39 p.m.

matildajane ,Georgy ,aureolin ,Moonfruit ,AShaw,Flash, i would like to say that this is an opinion column . opinion column. and if it would be great if these got read and thought out logicly. for example the fiesta thing. if we have it here in goleta we could decrease the gang mass in plaza de la guerra. and we could have a successful turnout. also the fiesta thats on june 4 in on june 4 not in august when its fiesta. and all the complaints of how rowdy it gets in sb could be reduced to not any if we spread it out to here. and for all the youth who complain of having nothing to do can have something to look forward to.just please consider this and think it through a bit more. and as far as the bias thing the republicans should put out more things if they want to be heard. remember this is an OPINION column . : 0 )

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