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Posted on April 17 at 8:55 a.m.

$80 Million for a new, "mission-themed" jail? Uh, perhaps the sheriff should visit Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona. He puts convicts in tents in the desert wearing pink undies, and has 'em working for their meals of slop.

Sheriff Joe's recidivism rate is much better than elsewhere in country, where prisoners get fancy digs, weight rooms and law libraries, which they use to sue their victims. This instead of an "additional 228-bed, 52,000-square-foot recidivism-reducing wing". Gimme a break!

On Big Plans for the Big House

Posted on July 1 at 9:33 a.m.

Impressive "coverage" for an important topic, critical to the financial viability of the county. Let's see:

1) No background history - check!
2) No specific county financial information - check!
3) No information comparing public vs. private pension contributions - check!
4) No information concerning which county agencies are the worst offenders - check!
5) No discussion about the huge budget deficit the county faces - check

Note to editor: Next time, send a reporter.

On Grand Jury Examines Government Salaries, Benefits, Pensions

Posted on June 17 at 12:55 a.m.

While I love Ensemble Theatre and their wonderful performances, at a time of fiscal crisis for the city, county and state, is this the best way to spend a million dollars of tax money? While cops and firefighters are being laid off?

On Ensemble Eyes $1 Million for Theater Refurb

Posted on June 17 at 12:49 a.m.

"The average employee in 2007 cost the county $91,400; this year, the average employee will cost $128,000."

The "average" employee? What are average employee wages in the private business sector? ~$40K. (See: While the Board of Supervisors have readily given away our tax dollars for union donations, they've overseen the fiscal destruction of our County.

And what's their solution? Fire cops and firefighters? Can't seem to find any others with 6-figure salaries to dump? Please! While the public has voted stupidly by returning you to office again and again, we're all not stupid people. We can see political corruption and incompetence before our eyes.

Only when county jobs start paying like the private sector (instead of 3 times more!), county employee pensions are funded and paid like in the private sector, union and corporate contributions are banned for politicians, and collective bargaining "rights" are similarly dispatched for government workers (like in Wisconsin and Ohio), will we finally have a chance to become fiscally sound.

Until then, buy a gun and a big hose to protect your family and your home.

On Budget Hatchet Cleaves into Basic Services

Posted on June 3 at 5:27 a.m.

So typical of the GWD board to ignore protests over rates by "mere" citizens over their own predetermined interests. I was at the "public hearings" for rate increases in '07 and the same result occurred; completely ignoring the will of the people.

The profundity of this rate increase is that it's being implemented as punishment for people conserving water. They claim that because the public has been doing its job of saving water, the GWD "must" raise rates as a counter. Sound like "1984" thinking?

I have 2 simple suggestions to the rate-gouging plan of the district's overlords:

1) Change the rate structure to mimic the gas company's. If you use more water, you move into a dramatically higher and higher payment tier. This rewards folks who conserve over those who do not.

2) Get rid of all supplementation of rates to agriculture and pseudo-agriculture. With the current rates, homeowners pay 350% more for the same amount of water as does agribusiness and golf course owners. With the proposed increase, that will rise to 388%. Don't recall ever being offered a vote to decide if I wanted to continue such corporate welfare.

I'll be portrayed as hating the "family farmer" with such radical ideas. If the "family farmer" wants me to pay nearly 4 times more for my water than he/she does, I deserve a yes/no vote to approve or disapprove. Such disparate rate structures date back to when agriculture was the primary business of California and water was plentiful versus the number of people. Neither situation exist anymore.

On Goleta Water District Jacks Up Rates

Posted on May 30 at 12:44 a.m.

I find EastBeach's comments disturbing. Horowitz's "Zionist" views are unfortunate? Unfortunate that he supports a national homeland for Jews? Unfortunate that he believes that a nation attacked in wars by its much bigger neighbors 3 times defends itself? Or continues to defend itself from repeated daily rocket attacks?

When one holds a single people to a different standard than others, it's hard to interpret that as anything else but prejudice. If you can let go of your Jew-hatred for a few minutes, spend some time at at, a site dedicated to fair treatment for Israel and the Jewish people.

On Horowitz Gives Tamer Talk to Calmer Audience

Posted on May 16 at 5:40 a.m.

This piece of excrement isn't a turnip. He's a murderous predator that needs to be permanently kept in a cage away from society. "Enough is NEVER enough" for career vicious (NOT viscous) sociopaths like this.

By not adding on to the previous sentence, Judge Anderson gave him a free pass for additional crimes. The single value I see for this creep is to help identify a judge with poor judgement for the electorate.

On Mize Sentenced for Juvenile Hall Beating and Gang Jump-In

Posted on April 18 at 7:51 a.m.

Is the same professional politician Capps who admitted Obamacare would steal $500 Billion from Medicare to pay for something the majority of Americans didn't want? But now she's the guardian of Medicare?

Plus during debates on Obamacare, professional politician Capps promised the Feds would find $500 Billion in "waste and fraud" in Medicare spending. Uh, Lois, show me the money!

Capps and all her radical Dem pals love to attempt to score political points while America crashes financially. At $14.3 Trillion in debt, our national credit rating was just threatened this morning by Stand and Poors - exactly because they see professional politicians like Capps demagoging rather than trying to find solutions to our financial crisis. That will lead to higher credit costs for us all, more foreclosures, more unemployment.

Lastly, notice how professional politician Capps also fails to offer alternatives to the problem? Of course, that should come as no surprise to local voters. This is the same political pro who's personally sponsored only 1 bill that's passed in Congress in her 14 years in office. Her track record of inadequacy remains intact.

Keep up the good work for the radical Democrat party, Lois. Your supporters are counting on you!

On Republican Budget Ends Medicare as We Know It

Posted on April 8 at 12:34 a.m.

The GWD raised rates dramatically within the last five years, and one wonders how all those increased revenues were dispersed. Hundreds of customers showed up at a meeting to contest those increases and were completely ignored by the insular board.

Perhaps we've reached a time in a tough economy when we should explore the district's current rate structure wherein homeowners pay 10 times or more the agricultural or commercial rates. Why do we continue giving water welfare to those interests?

Let's place such rate increases on the ballot with a full accounting of expenditures (including salaries), so the district's customers can fairly decide the issue.

On Goleta Water District Pushes for Higher Rates

Posted on April 6 at 3:28 a.m.

Since the city chose to inadequately prosecute the morons who started a bonfire on private property during high-fire season, it's now sadly up to the people who were savagely burned to bring civil action against the perpetrators. $5 million in medical bills plus an agonizing, deformed existence? How dare others question the motives and actions of the Hoffmans? Tragically, they have more than enough standing to bring an action.

If you own a swimming pool which is inadequately fenced and the neighbor kid drowns as a result, it's your fault. Ms. Robinson chose to inadequately fence and protect her property where people regularly congregated and started fires. I'll predict a jury will see the situation similarly.

On Judge Rules in Favor of Tea Fire Victims

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