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Posted on October 10 at 10:10 a.m.

No matter how much PR the pit pushers put out there, the dogs will keep mauling and killing people and that will always make most families leery of them. (due to rampant unfettered breeding by irresponsible breeders - as discussed above)

Pit pushers manipulate the meaning of data by implying that being bitten by a Chihuahua counts in bite statistics as equal to being mauled or killed by a pit bull, and do nothing about trying to help the dogs by reducing their numbers.

Even if you are dopey enough to not care about the people, it makes no sense to not care about the suffering and death of these dogs. Yet pit pushers don't. San Francisco's breed regulations have dramatically reduced problems with pits, abandonment of pits, and death in shelters of pits. Still - to these loonies proven solutions cannot be considered - only their fantasy counts. They will continue to pretend that there is no problem with pits - no matter who dies.

I rescue and rehome a lot of dogs and I used to include pits. I just can't any more. The risk of being responsible for a horrible ending is just too high. It is playing Russian Roulette with the lives of all concerned.

I hate that these dogs suffer so, but it will take good ideas implemented through breed specific laws to help them. The longer pit pushers fight off solutions, the more dogs (and people) will suffer and die. The blood of all is on their hands.

On Pondering Pit Bulls

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