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Posted on January 10 at 1 p.m.

Definetely sounds like the worst job in IV. I guess the parks board isn't hasseling the homeless and disenfranchised people in the park enough to suit their fascist mentalities.

On Parks and Rec: Isla Vista Edition

Posted on January 9 at 12:32 a.m.

No setbacks from the sidewalk on the Pardall monstrosity and the misplanted Canary Island palm trees the IVPAC stupidly bought with our money. This building has no parking which I guess SB County's mysterious unused solar parking lot across the street may provide for a price . At best the parking situation leaves the appearance of backroom dealing between the developer and the county. At the same time the county is trying to cram an expensive IV parking permit plan down our throats as well. The multi-use luxury units at the bottom of the loop apparently have some kind of wacko subterranian parking system hiding there underground. May it forever leak.The glitzy poster promises ocean views for the wealthy at the top with the ocean view and sun and sky obviously blocked for the 99%. The giant poster promises just what we need downstairs too; another coffeshop, sandwich vender and mexican restaurant. Dump the IVPAC and the greedy county pigs and vote out this November the neanderthal leadership on the IV Rec and Parks Board How about if we have our own democratic City of Isla Vista and get the 1% off our backs and out of our town.

On Isla Vista’s Brand New Bag

Posted on January 8 at 12:57 p.m.

The author eyes have glazed over with new tall shiny objects blocking the sun and sky and has obviously bought into this tax revenue producing crap.The enhanced tax money will all go to the county supervisors and theives downtown to be redistributed to the already rich. Cat's investigation was so shoddy she didn't even realize The Starbucks corpporation is only remodelling before they raise prices again.

On Isla Vista’s Brand New Bag

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