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Posted on August 11 at 12:55 p.m.

Here's to a clear vote for human decency. It was completely appropriate for the Board to vote their conscience against unfounded prejudice and abject bigotry.

If you ignore your conscience, and vote for Corporate discrimination of a group of good law-abiding citizens you're just as bad as the bigots.

The Owner of Chick Fillet (sp) says he doesn't however discriminate against Gays.... Ya think?

If he loses money on the deal, that's his cross to bear.

On Chick-fil-A Debate Santa Barbara Style

Posted on July 16 at 8:43 p.m.

It does seem like some pricey architect was trying to make a statement, but he sure missed the mark.

I'm still fixated on my last visit in January, where there were two deeper problems; the "SECURITY GUARD" actually offered and took my family's picture instead of attending to Security! I guess I'm impressed he didn't ask me to hold his sidearm for him while he shot our group. And then someone left a door ajar to the secured/plane area; the local alarm rang for over 10 minutes, and no one ever came to check it out.

Now, if THOSE issues can get fixed, and they decide to NOT build that horrid-huge-glass-wing-monstrosity-monument, it'll only be 'really dorked-up', compared to the great old terminal we all loved.

On Exploring Goleta

Posted on June 15 at 6:48 a.m.

Great support for Fairview, which is no-doubt deserving of our help, and really needs it too.

But I'm wondering why so much money charged for "fees".

And I wonder if Goleta could help me with those pesky Student Loans I helped my kids with eons ago.

On Goleta and Cox Help Fairview Gardens

Posted on May 11 at 12:40 p.m.

It is indeed great to hear people's feelings about things; especially something so gaudy and inappropriate for the proposed higher purpose of honoring Veterans.

Now, since many of us have been given a chance to be heard, how ever can our voices be directed toward the Airport officials?

I looked on-line for "public comment" on this, and there's nowhere to go!

Help? Anyone???

On Angel Wings at the Airport

Posted on May 3 at 11:32 p.m.

There should be a fitting tribute to our war heroes. But. I'm afraid this sculpture is completely incompatible with the appearance of the new terminal, which is already getting cluttered; it seems destined to never be half as nice as the old one.

Frankly, the proposal looks horrid as shown, and I cannot imagine how or where it could be placed in the vicinity where it would NOT be an eyesore.

Over the years, the maintenance of this sculpture must be considered. Glass is inherently fragile, very difficult, and very expensive to repair (earthquakes?). And sadly one tagger wielding a hardened scribe can quickly turn a work of art into an embarrassing mess.

Please, speak up for something less garish, and more appropriate.

On Angel Wings at the Airport

Posted on February 26 at 7:32 a.m.

Sorry, Jeff. Your spiel's interesting if not just t.m.i., but not so as the eyewitness reported in the article. Maybe we ought to wait for the Fire Department's official report, bro.

On Small Fire on Gibraltar Road

Posted on December 3 at 11:07 p.m.

Amen on the inbreeding in the DA/PD departments. It would have been great to have heard the results (as per the broken promise) of an official/non-whitewashed investigation. Now, I'll take more credence from any shaky eyewitness over that of Chief Sanchez.

The slowed-down video captioning was CYA-lame as it could be.... How 'bout.... "Now, after immediately throwing the unsuspecting tipsy man to the ground and assaulting this hardened violent criminal with his fists, he has then tasered the dangerous scofflaw 13 times (give or take)".

The cop did a very bad thing, and he ought to be taken to task for it. Soon, the Court of Public Opinion will be served more-properly by the man's lawyer suing the heck out of the City, the SBPD, and hopefully Officer Tudor. Too bad us taxpayers will need to pay for it all.

"Resisting Arrest" was after all a big crock.

On DA Won't File Excessive Force, Resisting Arrest Charges in Denunzio DUI Case

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