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Posted on December 13 at 11:23 a.m.

I for one thought it was a nicely written and light-hearted little article, which, like the other articles in this week's food section, was obviously geared to spread the word about a Santa Barbara-based food product and business. I have to wonder what "SezMe" craves for the Christmas season. Maybe a hard-hitting expose of some complicated scandal in the Los Alamos pizza factory? An in-depth philosophical discussion of terms like local and organic? (In fact, on the subject of "local", the comment poster exhibits confusion about the idea of locally sourced -- for a Santa Barbara consumer -- versus local destinations. And what's with the wacky mafia-stereotype slam on Paramus? Is that supposed to be humorous?) Anyone who has ever actually gone into Flatbread's recognizes how suitable Ward's colorful and slightly tongue-in-cheek description and tone are. There IS a positive energy (maybe it's those sweet, nondenominational prayer flags), a neighborly feeling, and an honest attempt to serve food that is healthy and delicious with ingredients whose origins are known and as LOCAL as realistically possible. So SezMe has attempted a good deed here? Sorry, but it comes across more like a mean-spirited, unfounded blast from a frustrated wanna-be critic.

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