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Posted on May 2 at 6:40 p.m.

"Justifying or excusing rape for any reason is wrong"

Of course it is, nobody here has done that.

"Well-brought up boys become men who do not rape not because prostitution is illegal. They do not rape because rape is wrong."

Well not every man is going to be 'well brought up'. If you legalize prostitution then you will reduce the incidents of rape. Is your goal to reduce the incidence of rape or not?

Besides reducing instances of rape, there is also the issue of personal liberty. It is legal to have sex - it is legal to give people money - it is illegal to have sex with someone and give them money? It is legal to film somebody having sex for money and publish the film - but it is illegal to give somebody money for sex in private? Illegal prostitution also increases sex slavery and it puts sex workers in danger with little or no legal recourse or personal security.

"I say if you think that alcohol is necessary to having fun, then you need a new, more wholesome definition of fun."

LOL... I have a great time without alcohol all the time.... let me tell you.. oh, you meant without ANY drugs? Ok, that's fine.. but parties are still fun, and drinking is still fun. It has a time and place. It's called college. Some people engage in safe and moderate social drinking after college indefinitely, and this has shown to increase longterm health.

Certainly one should use sense and some level of moderation and care. If you have a close enough and large enough group of friends and are in the right environment, you may be able to get away with getting really drunk and staying safe, it happens all the time. There is certainly risk involved, but there is also risk in driving your car to the movie theater to watch a movie.

So unless you have responsible, caring friends around you, certainly it is best to drink less than binge and stay in control of yourself. If you have a history of becoming angry or acting out in dangerous ways when you are drunk then it is good to drink less and stay in control of yourself.

If you can't control your own drinking - at that point one should consider whether it is worth drinking or not - but that is a very small percentage of the population. I'm not going to decrease my personal happiness and wellbeing and not ever drink just because some people lack the self control to do so.

"no ex-alcoholic that I know ever regrets being sober."

There are also plenty of people who drink who aren't alcoholics, will never be alcoholics, will never be ex-alcoholics and who really enjoy drinking in social environments or to relax in the evening.

On Frat Brothers Walk Well-Heeled

Posted on May 2 at 6:11 p.m.

Patriot Nurse Speaks out on Vaccines: Medical Rape or Personal Choice?


Herd Immunity - Are we livestock...owned by the state?

Are compulsory vaccines medical rape?

"I agree that anti-vaxxers should have choices. They should have the choice to either have their children vaccinated or homeschool their children." -nativeson

More importantly, are they going to get their taxes back that they paid for their children to go to school???

Why can't they go to a private school?

"their anti-vaccination cause, which has no scientific foundation."

That's not true - when the medical community has shown that they engage in fraudulent studies that diminish the damage done by vaccines and exaggerate the efficacy of vaccines for companies that make billions in profits every year, people absolutely have the right to question how much harm they might actually be causing and how effective they actually may be. You certainly shouldn't be forcing your opinion on the matter onto everybody else using state violence.

On Shots for Naught?

Posted on May 1 at 2:49 p.m.

If raising minimum wage is a such a great idea and will solve all of our problems, why not just raise it to $50/hour? $100/hour?

On What's a 'livable' wage?

Posted on May 1 at 2:43 p.m.

"Minimum wage should be at least $15 @ hour, with mandatory vacation." -DavyBrown

Most people who make less than that do not have a productive enough skillset, or are not employing a productive enough skillset to earn the money it costs for their business to pay them if they are making that much an hour. You would see a LOT of people getting laid off because it just isn't worth employing them. Fast food restaurants and grocery stores would all immediately invest in self-ordering and self-checkout computer systems. The service sector would have major issues and many companies would go out of business.

This would all result in less production, less goods and services and a lower standard of living for everyone. Those who did still work would have to pay really high taxes just to support those who are unemployed.

The craziest part about what you're saying is that you would actually arrest somebody for engaging in a voluntary employment agreement where both entities feel that they are benefiting from the terms of the agreement - you would have the agreement terminated completely, neither party benefits, goods and services don't get produced and the worker starves or gets more government handouts.

I mean, you're a history teacher or something along those lines if I remember correctly, and you can't apply BASIC ELEMENTARY LEVEL ECONOMICS to the reality we face in this world. It's really, really sad because that is the way most of the country is and it is because you buy all this establishment propaganda from the media. I mean, just look at the poll results - the majority of people are retarded when it comes to economics, thanks in large part to public school teachers. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I like homeless people, I wish they weren't homeless and had an easier time in life. I approach the situation realistically and you sabotage it further and make them worse off.

One thing I will agree with is that class warfare is waged from the top down - but it's not the producing class that is waging it, it is the bankers and financiers, corporate leaders and politicians who meet together at Bilderberg each year that is waging it. They are waging it by propping up the central banking system and implementing government policies you advocate. Congratulations.

On What's a 'livable' wage?

Posted on May 1 at 1:40 p.m.

How to end all the wars by 2020 -

Step 1: Elect Rand Paul 2016

Step 2: ?????

Step 3: Profit!

On A Year Without War

Posted on April 30 at 11:26 a.m.

"how can a guy with a wife and two kids be so stupid as to act childishly and be incarcerated for two months?"

Probably because he is worried for his grand kids.

How about this - how can a government imprison a father exercising his right to free speech and protesting a brutal foreign empire?

Good job, Dennis, wish you well in whatever you do.

On Sticks and Stones

Posted on April 30 at 10:55 a.m.

Making it illegal for somebody to work is dumb. That is all minimum wage is. If you pay somebody $5/hour you get arrested for giving somebody an opportunity to make money. The other option is, it is too expensive to pay them minimum wage and so you don't hire them, the work doesn't get done, there are less goods and services available, the standard of living for everybody goes down and the worker starves or has to go to the government for a handout.

People fighting for government restrictions on the market like minimum wage need to learn some basic economics before inflicting their tyranny on everybody and sabotaging the economy.

On What's a 'livable' wage?

Posted on April 29 at 3:14 p.m.

"No real change/reform coming down the pike"

I dunno, Rand has been kicking a__ and taking names...

He completely embarrassed the DHS Chief recently:

On Laura Burton Capps Not Running for Congress

Posted on April 29 at 2:43 p.m.

"So what if you're a gym owner paying rent for your exercise class?
Is it reasonable to let someone steal their business because the parks dept can't get their act together?"

"Steal" their business?? LOL..... How about "earn" their business??

People who have studios can have classes in the park, too!! That's what is so great about economic freedom.

Some people don't want to exercise outside, they like it inside with air conditioning and clean floors, mirrors, etc..

What's the matter with giving people an option? Why MUST we make the outdoor option expensive, thus passing the cost onto the people who already pay for the park??

On Exercise classes in public parks?

Posted on April 29 at 1:24 p.m.

Although not completely unreasonable to charge a fee, this is why I am against the fee:

As far as I'm concerned, most parks are UNDER-utilized by the public.. You go by parks sometimes and they are completely empty.

Everybody who goes to the park and exercises is a member of the public and already has a right to do so. The issue is that the person who is giving the classes is making a profit by having the classes in the free space. The problem is that the result of charging fees will be that the cost of the classes will be higher for the public attending the classes... the public is ALREADY paying for the park and ultimately THEY are the ones who are going to pay the extra fees the city charges.

Unless this became so popular that the parks were at times running out of space or something, I don't see it as an issue. When I see classes going at the park, there is usually only one or two and there is plenty of open space for everybody else.

Overall this is beneficial for the health, wellbeing and attractiveness of the people in this city. How you can complain about a bunch of attractive athletic women doing yoga in the park is completely beyond my comprehension.

On Exercise classes in public parks?

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