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Posted on March 18 at 3:23 p.m.

Hi Jay,

My remarks were taken a bit out of context, or at least you need the context to interpret them correctly. The "trouble with social science" comment was a wry joke. Of course social scientists don't want anything of their subjects, and we conduct our research in ways that allow us to stay neutral. This point was clear to those who were in the room and those who understand social scientific research methods.

You are also taking my "inference" out of context. In fact, I made exactly the point you raise: that people want to be seen and found by those they desire to be seen and found by (i.e., people they know or might want to know).

Finally, I don't understand your "failed to toke" reference, as I said nothing like this in the talk.

A video of the talk is available online at: so that you and others can see it in full, rather than relying on a brief summary.

In any case, thanks for your interest in my research!

-Professor Metzger

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