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Posted on July 2 at 9:29 p.m.

Yup, the law of the land is the US Constitution, and the First Amendment explicitly guarantees the right to peaceably assemble.

Floatopia was certainly a peaceable assembly, and lots of false accusations were made about waste, for example. The fecal coliform content of the waters near the City of Santa Barbara vastly exceed any measurements of fecal coliform made near IV during the time of the original Floatopia, due to all the leaky sewer lines in the City. But nobody bans peaceable assembly on the beaches of Santa Barbara.

And local surfers pee in the ocean cumulatively several times over what Floatopia caused each year.

The specter of drunken kids drowning was a fair criticism of the original Floatopia, although the truth is not a single such case arose during the years of Floatopia. Many more surfers have died due to hits on the head on rocks and we don't ban surfing.

The County was within its rights to ban the peaceable assembly known as Floatopia. Deltopia was not banned and so it was initially a first-amendment guaranteed peaceable assembly. The Sheriff declared it unlawful after some kind of incident.

No-one knows what the incident that initiated the Deltopia riot really was. The deputies thought they saw a fight and somehow approached the participants who ran. But the one participant, Desmond Edwards, that they caught was not charged with anything associated with the original alleged fight. Odd.

And it turns out the backpack Desmond Edwards allegedly swung at the UCSB officer had the ID of a Marine named Donje Hill in it. So it is not clear that the backpack even belonged to Edwards. And while Sheriff Brown said it was full of alcohol bottles, it had one half-full bottle in it. And the testimony now is that Edwards did not swing it, as the Sheriff initially said, but threw it.

Most likely Donje Hill dropped the backpack when he ran away, the Officer tripped and fell on it, and Desmond Edwards got arrested because he was a slow runner, or perhaps even because he stopped to help the Officer up.

The cameras would sort out all that, but guess what… although there were >24 cameras watching, not one caught the incident! Amazing! Maybe Rosemary Woods sneaked in and erased all the footage of the incident.

On Deltopia Questions

Posted on July 1 at 10:48 a.m.

I offer to scrape off a piece of diet blueberry gum from Pardall to whoever can recall the last sexual assault prosecution of a white IV resident.

The first `riot' incident in early March… look at the 3 accused perps in the upper right corner… one is accused of stabbing, one of dancing illegally on a car, and one of battery of a police officer.

Guess which one got the charges dropped. Yup, dancing on a car is a more serious offense than battery of a police officer in Santa Barbara County.

Lots of stupid behavior that IV would be better without occurs. But for the most part if you're not white, you get to enjoy prosecution to the letter of the law. If you're white you walk.

On Deltopia Arrestee Back in Court

Posted on June 30 at 5:59 p.m.

I think it is all might be true… both Edwards & Hill (and others) acted stupid and IV would be better without them. …law enforcement officers in IV have a long history of extra strictness if you are not white… ask Dalton Nezey, Leroy Delaine, Eric Frimpong, or all the black kids who got beat up after just leaving the Anaconda in 1991... Desmond Edwards may or may not be getting railroaded; that is friend Donje Hill is a marine may or may not have gotten Hill special law enforcement treatment, or gotten Edwards to take the rap.

If Edwards didn't hit the cop, sending up for 8 years of anal service in the State system does seem excessive. Maybe Eric Frimpong left him some kneepads.

On Deltopia Arrestee Back in Court

Posted on June 30 at 2:19 p.m.

Yes, Donje Hill is a marine from LA. Indeed, a whole different narrative shapes up: Hill faced serious punishment if arrested holding the liquor. So likely he handed the backpack to Edwards. Or, Hill dropped the backpack, and it was on the ground, and Magaña fell on it.

On Deltopia Arrestee Back in Court

Posted on June 30 at 2:02 p.m.

``Sheriff Bill Brown, who addressed the County of Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, said that when a UCSB police officer went to detain Edwards after witnessing him get into a fight, Edwards attempted to escape the officer’s grip and swung a backpack full of alcohol bottles at him, splitting open his forehead and knocking him to the ground. ''

So now Officer ``DiPinto testified that a 1.75-liter bottle of rum — a photo appeared on the screen — was found half-full inside the backpack.''

Sheriff Brown really made an inaccurate statement, which taints the entire proceeding.

The story of the chase makes no sense. If Officer Magaña tried to grab Edwards, but failed in the first try, did Edwards hang around and wait for Magaña? I doubt it, he would continue running. But the story makes it seem like Edwards was just waiting for a second grab by Magaña, but decided to throw a backpack to block the second grab. Seems to me that Edwards is much more likely to have hightailed away from Magaña as fast as possible. And much more likely that he just dropped the backpack to the ground, which seems to have belonged to a US Marine, while running.

Most likely if a cut was made in the Magaña's forehead by the backpack, it was done by a sharp portion of the pack, particularly if the bottle is intact. No-one has said the bottle was broken. There should be blood on the backpack. I wonder why there is no forensic examination of the backpack? Of course, it would be straightforward for law enforcement to put some of Magaña's blood on the pack at any time they wanted to.

It would be awfully helpful if there was at least one unbiased witness. I certainly can imagine that Edward did cause Magaña's injury, but this story is too garbled to be sure.

On Deltopia Arrestee Back in Court

Posted on June 28 at 1:22 p.m.

I was trying hard to remember the last time a white male was tried for sexual assault in or involving IV. Slava Olsen was convicted for killing Brad Jones, but that was merely assault, and not sexual. Thor Christiansen somehow slipped through, although local law enforcement caught him with a matching firearm.

Maybe only non-whites commit rape in IV. Or maybe in memory of Lefty Bryant, Dalton Nezey, and Leroy Delaine, law enforcement treats non-whites to especially thorough enforcement of the law.

Loonpt is raising, in his awkward and mildly offensive way, the possibility that Kitt should be presumed innocent. If you are offended you have a thin skin.

But of course Hershel Greenspan is right. Although Eric Frimpong joined the ranks of those treated to specially scrupulous law enforcement for the non-white in Santa Barbara County, Mr. Kitt might not be n+1 in the long count

And it is also true that one drop of alcohol or one hit of a joint renders everyone incapable of legal consent to a sexual act. Eric Frimpong found out. It is all assault after that. The only question is who gets prosecuted and who does not.

On Isla Vista Man Accused of Rape Appears Court

Posted on June 28 at 12:30 p.m.

The judicial system is always right and never lies, just ask Eric Frimpong:

and those accused in the Central Park Jogger case:

On Isla Vista Man Accused of Rape Appears Court

Posted on June 27 at 7:36 p.m.

More irrelevant illogical sludge from nomoresanity. The CoE is by no means stellar, but is better than average. Without IV's historical housing of the great increase of UCSB's students 3,500 to 20,000 there would not even be a CoE at UCSB; UCSB would have stayed on its initial plan of no CoE whatsoever.

Yet, nomoreinsanity, the fact that the CoE would not even exist were it not for IV is totally lost on someone as dim as you. But still you trash the very place that made the CoE possible in the first place.

You wouldn't know a fact if it jumped in your mouth and bit your tonsils.

As for the fence in IV, a net like just voted for the Golden Gate Bridge would be a better engineered solution for IV…

On Unhappy Resident Tears Down Fencing Along Isla Vista Bluffs

Posted on June 27 at 1:17 p.m.

Looking a bit closer… Magaña says he suffers memory loss the sequence of events isn't clear in his memory. But he seems to recall that Edwards threw the backpack at him. Officer DiPinto, who pursued Edwards with Magaña, didn't see the incident. Miraculously, the 24 surveillance cameras on 6 poles in the vicinity didn't capture the incident either.

Just one neutral witness who saw the throwing of the backpack by Edwards would sure be helpful. Sending a 17-year-old to the State Pen for 12 years based on such vague evidence would be rather remarkable.

Magaña admits that he fell to the ground. Seems a bit more likely that that fall was the origin of his head injury. Although his memory is spotty on other issues, Magaña feels sure that his head did not strike the ground.

One very clear test of the veracity of law enforcement accounts concerns the bottles in the backpack.

Sheriff Bill Brown, quoted in the Indy on April 8,, said Edwards `swung' a
`backpack full of alcohol bottles at' Officer Magaña.

`Sheriff's officials' are quoted in the Indy on April 11 ( ) as saying `Edwards allegedly `swung' a `backpack filled with full liquor bottles' at the police officer’s face'.

On April 15, public defender Boulet said really there was only one 1/2 full bottle of rum. Indeed, in the testimony this week, both the News-Press and Noozhawk ( indicates that Boulet, and neither the Sheriff nor the Sheriff's officials were correct. The Indy overlooks this development.

Hmmm… this case will really turn on what other witnesses who are less interested in the outcome have to say. If disinterested witnesses say that Officer Magaña really cut him self falling down on the street, then the narrative of the Deltopia `riot' collapses. If Edwards was merely fleeing, and didn't attack an Officer, it is a lot harder to justify the declaration of an unlawful gathering. A 17-year-old running from police is hardly mayhem.

And I sure hope every millisecond of those camera feeds is available for scrutiny by the Press; probably not the Indy, which needs the revenue from clicks it gets by sensationalizing IV news, but hopefully by the Daily Nexus.

On Officer Injured at Deltopia Takes to the Stand

Posted on June 26 at 5:14 p.m.

There were about 5 poles with about 4 surveillance cameras each deployed in that area.

The possibility that none of those 20 or so cameras caught this incident clearly? Just about zero.

That there was only 1 and it was blocked by foliage? Hahahahahahahaha.

If there was a good photographic record of this incident, the Sheriff's Office might have destroyed it by now. But with merely a public defender, there is not enough $ to trace down all the details that could establish the fate of every camera feed out there on DP.

For all the disruption and concentration-camp atmosphere provided by those cameras, that they apparently prove useless is appalling.

On Officer Injured at Deltopia Takes to the Stand

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