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Posted on July 10 at 4:51 p.m.

… and how many arson related events transpired in the last few years in *Goleta*, where all the arson events at the UCSB housing and the Sesame Tree apartment complex are located? Isla Vista arson events have little to do with this story, but Goleta arson events are extremely pertinent to this story.

On UCSB Housing Fire Latest in String of Possible Arsons

Posted on July 10 at 4:44 p.m.

This is a tragedy. Unfortunately alcohol is the prime suspect.
0.25 BAC: All mental, physical and sensory functions are severely impaired. Increased risk of asphyxiation from choking on vomit and of seriously injuring yourself by falls or other accidents.
How did her roommates call the cell phone of a woman who cannot now be located? How did her roommates get that phone number after Sierra Markee-Winkler's batteries died? Who made the female's footprints in the sand? Very odd.

On Final Report Released on Death of UCSB Student Sierra Markee-Winkler

Posted on July 9 at 5:47 p.m.

We totally agree: you are a delusional, moronic cheerleader of your own auto cephalic intestinal obstruction, blahm.

On UCSB Housing Project Destroyed by Fire

Posted on July 9 at 3:40 p.m.

blahmore said ``ANYBODY gets this "mitigation" fee. It is the new way of getting a deal, claim green, get green. Get real dude, even the company I run gets that same fee, thank you Traffic Solutions!''

It is not a mitigation fee. It is a reduction in payment, you need that schizo pill.
You can't name a single company that has gotten >$1 million from claiming that IV students' bicycle habits reduced their traffic congestion like Camino Real Marketplace did.

blahmore said ``Because THEY want it that way, the ultimate form of nanny state socialism. How better to stay in some sort of power than to seem weak. But hey, that "minuscule" appearance didn't stop them from acquiring (more like stealing) the property from that center of organized religion at the bottom of the loop. Here's to communism, may it thrive in Isla Vista! Oops, wait, it does, my bad.''

A schizo rant. The IVRPD always wanted more power, you are just high. There are no communists in IV, what a random schizo comment.

``Pardall, you're just a feelgood IV cheerleader and with that said, you overlook the bad to cover the tuckus of the county's tuckus. The only smnell we pick up on is the excrement you put forth to defend a place that is a pain and drain on the county law enforcement and emergency services on a consistent basis.
the day you actually admit to the reality of Isla Vista's problematic existence and stop blaming the outside worlds is the day you may actually be able to solve some of that craphole's problems. Until then, good freakin' luck, may you never have yet another Idiot Rodger or Dummy Attias.''

The CFA for Goleta Cityhood proved that Isla Vista is a net source of $ for the County. The *FACTS* show it is not a drain. Of course IV has a problematic existence, but surely it is caused by ignorant schizos like you. May you never have another Jennifer San Marco or UCSB Housing Arsonist, who is pretty clearly a Goleta resident.

And as for crapholes, I know yours doesn't work, due to auto cephalic obstruction.

On UCSB Housing Project Destroyed by Fire

Posted on July 9 at 3:39 p.m.

blahmore, ``Yeah, in a time when UCSB actually CONTRIBUTED to the area, now it is a drain on the area.''

UCSB pours way more money into the local economy now than it did in 1947.
But you concede the point: Cachuma & UCSB were a package, and without them, Goleta would simply not exist.

blahmore, ``Oh yeah, a once a year occasion, wow! Once that's done it's beer pong and trouble.''

You are saying UCSB students only buy groceries once a year? Wrong.

blahmore, ``As blind as you are, you prove to be stupid. They spend $ in IV hitting up the eateries. Don't see many of these UCSB employees in Goleta at lunchtime. Lots of other hard working folks though, LOTS of them!''

The UCSB employees are thrifty enough to bring their lunches, and don't have time for the long lunches of your lazy friends. But they spend much more money purchasing their houses in Goleta, maintaining them, purchasing groceries, getting their cars fixed, etc, etc. I've never seen a signal Goleta business with a sign saying `We don't want UCSB employee & student money, take it to IV'.

blahmore said ``No, moronic is glossing over the problems alcohol sales in IV had fueled. You don't see it, you're a moron, pretty simple, like you.''

You were the one who said the main *ECONOMIC* impact of IV students was through their purchase of alcohol. Now you've changed your idea completely to something about `problems'. Get a pill for your schizo issues, blahmore.

On UCSB Housing Project Destroyed by Fire

Posted on July 8 at 1:01 p.m.

UCSB… started in 1944. Cachuma… funding started in 1947. Storke spearheaded both. Santa Barbara & Goleta begged for UCSB; the State Legislature was brought to SB for fiesta to lobby them for UCSB.

Bill's bus? What? Every student spends a huge amount at Camino Real & Kmart outfitting their room. All those outside the dorms shop at Albertson's and Costco. Parents stay in local hotels for graduation.

Where do the employees of UCSB spend their money? Not in Isla Vista, but all over the South Coast, much in Goleta.

Focusing just on alcohol sales is indeed moronic.

The Fact is developers of Camino Real Marketplace got a >$1 million discount on road mitigation fees because of *their* argument that IV residents ride bikes. The County gave it to them. Argue all you want but the facts are the facts.

IVPRD has minuscule power compared to either the City of Goleta or the County.

BTW, you may not smell all the stuff on your head, but we all do. Wipe it off, please.

On UCSB Housing Project Destroyed by Fire

Posted on July 8 at 8:07 a.m.

Good to see the `faculty' was removed from the title of the article.

blahmore, every day I go through IV twice, and I see all the tradesmen. Sorry if some landlords don't keep their places up, but boy, the dominant theme is: in late June IV is a construction zone.

How has Goleta benefited from the UCSB presence? Goleta would probably not exist but for UCSB. Storke fought for Lake Cachuma & UCSB as a package. Without Cachuma, no Goleta, that simple.

It takes someone real ignorant to neglect the vast flow of money from UCSB (and SBCC) into the local economy, or to neglect the rather large number of companies founded with either UCSB faculty or graduates.

As for business: the County intentionally approved the regional business center at Camino Real Marketplace; the EIR is full of assessments of the uses of it by IV residents, like, the developer got a $1 million discount on road work because so many IV residents ride their bikes there. Facts and history are a bear, blahmore. And then the City of Goleta scooped it up to get the revenue spent by IV residents.

Goleta politicians are a bunch of very spoiled very greedy very vicious and nasty folks. They want all the money from IV but they feel no responsibility whatsoever.

If you figure out how to do extract your head from your, uh, nether regions, blahmore, make sure you wipe it off well with lots of toilet paper.

On UCSB Housing Project Destroyed by Fire

Posted on July 7 at 3:14 p.m.

Odd Ray Ford or the Indy editors have not changed the title of the article. This was not faculty housing that was burned.

The principal UCSB impact is: $100's of millions in the local economy. Every darned city in the country that doesn't have a major university wishes it did.

It is only communities that have gotten fat on the benefits of their local university that start whining. BTW, the impacts of all the students in IV would be vastly greater if those students were spread out all over the South Coast. Think of the traffic jams, for example. And all the car pollution and global warming.

Day in day out right now, IV fills up each morning with tradesman repairing many apartments… new carpets, sinks, toilets, etc. Just a fountain of money to float local jobs. The landlords don't pay, they pass it on to their renters.

On UCSB Housing Project Destroyed by Fire

Posted on July 4 at 4:51 p.m.

As far as I know, this was never faculty housing, but was always intended as student housing:

UCSB student housing is rich; the money made there cannot be used to subsidize anything else in the university. And so the student housing at UCSB charges market rates but does not have market costs, and accumulates money, and can also do lots of new construction.

Meanwhile, instruction on campus is a beggar.

On UCSB Housing Project Destroyed by Fire

Posted on July 4 at 11:42 a.m.

There are laws against underage drinking that are enforced.

Littering occurs everywhere in the US; in IV there is a volunteer group organized by the IVRPD that picks up regularly.

If there was fighting at Deltopia, why wasn't Desmond Edwards charged for it?

None of those activities are sufficient to suspend the First Amendment of the US Constitution, which guarantees the right of the people peaceably to assemble.

That 0.01% of the Deltopia attendees misbehave does not abrogate the rights of the other 99.99%.

If you don't want people wandering around in the streets of IV ***FRIGGIN' BUILD SIDEWALKS***. IV is the most pedestrian oriented community in Southern California, and in the 89 years since Santa Barbara County subdivided it, still has a woefully incomplete network of sidewalks.

As for your list, realitycheck88:

1)The allegation of a `thrown' backpack is not well supported by the testimony given so far: From Magaña:
``Magaña said he chased Edwards — who was running on the sidewalk — westward down the street. Edwards appeared to be holding a high-school-style backpack, which he speculated held him back a bit.

Magaña testified that his recollection of the events that followed is hazy. Magaña first said that he was struck with the backpack in the face when he was standing in the street. “The force of the backpack was so severe that it temporarily incapacitated me,” Magaña said, and he later added he suffered from loss of memory to some extent. ''

From DiPinto:
``DiPinto testified he did not see the defendant throw the backpack, but he did see Edwards on the ground afterward. After the backpack incident, he said Edwards ran about 30 feet farther before he was tackled to the ground by an officer. ''

Clear testimony from just one camera or just one person would help enormously. Your pot-filled lib-dem anti-hard-facts speculation, realitycheck88, would be shredded on the stand by Arlen Spector or Barry Capello.

2)The point is Sheriff Brown and others in Law Enforcement fobbed a pork-pie when they said there was a `backpack full' of bottles. The truth is there wasn't, and they have tainted the whole case by saying there was.

3)Running from the police is stupid; all it does is delay the Rodney King style beating you are going to get.

4)Again, the point is that Sheriff Brown speculated and in doing so tainted the entire case.

My second to last paragraph is no more speculation than the public statements of Sheriff Brown.

This incident did happen in front of video cameras, as everyone who is familiar to the DP area knows. That there is no surviving footage, when combined with the tainted statements by Sheriff Brown, implies that it is likely that the Sheriff's department destroyed the footage.

At this point, an independent examination of all computers that recorded at the time of the incident is necessary, by an expert in computer forensics.

On Deltopia Questions

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