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Posted on June 26 at 5:14 p.m.

There were about 5 poles with about 4 surveillance cameras each deployed in that area.

The possibility that none of those 20 or so cameras caught this incident clearly? Just about zero.

That there was only 1 and it was blocked by foliage? Hahahahahahahaha.

If there was a good photographic record of this incident, the Sheriff's Office might have destroyed it by now. But with merely a public defender, there is not enough $ to trace down all the details that could establish the fate of every camera feed out there on DP.

For all the disruption and concentration-camp atmosphere provided by those cameras, that they apparently prove useless is appalling.

On Officer Injured at Deltopia Takes to the Stand

Posted on June 24 at 7:26 a.m.

Oh, keep it shut, nomore. You aren't in the CoE. You bet there is a very strict enrollment cap at the CoE; your ignorance is so vast you don't even know that UCSB has an overall cap specified by the LRDP.

If you truly are a UCSB faculty member (and there is absolutely no evidence you are) then you bear a huge responsibility for the conditions of IV, which you not only abdicate but you sophomorically celebrate.

Lots of people (not you) work hard to make IV a far better place than you know, because you never really go there. And when you and if you do, you leave steaming piles in the streets, because that is what you love.

On Unhappy Resident Tears Down Fencing Along Isla Vista Bluffs

Posted on June 23 at 2:03 p.m.

Well, you're right blah. When I lived out in Utah for a while, as a young 20-something, couldn't get anybody to visit Provo, no matter how much I implored them.

Even then, back in the 80's, my friends jumped at the chance to visit IV.

So maybe some invites do go out, but still, young people get knocked over with a feather at the chance to visit IV. The beach, the young people in swim suits, the weather, and the chance you'll get lucky and get to do some horizontal dancing.

You make another fascinating point. Mountain side of IV is substantially quieter than the beachside. On DP, big house parties are more of a mountain side phenomenon. Also Sabado, Trigo, Pasado… sometimes leaking to Sueno and up Corto.

The big block apartments up near Segovia (and north) aren't conducive to the open party scene, although stuff does happen. But the regular throngs are DP & Sabado. Of course Deltopia was a faux-beach affair so DP was the focus.

Mountainside IV was laid out and zoned for students after 1958. Beachside was zoned in the 1950's for single family owners (and renters in the duplex/4-plexes). Beachside DP was super-special, always, because of its primo beach overhang, and so got multiunit that usually have balconies on the beachside, not DPside. But mountainside DP itself got the duplexes and most of the parties.

The big open parties follow the zoning. A quirk of history.

On What's Next for Isla Vista?

Posted on June 23 at 8:37 a.m.

If you really are UCSB faculty (which I seriously doubt: prove it by saying what courses you taught this year), your calling IV a cesspool, outhouse, etc are an embarrassment to you, the College of Engineering, and UCSB.

Most likely you are an agent provocateur just trying to scatter crap all over the place.

On What's Next for Isla Vista?

Posted on June 23 at 8:30 a.m.

You left another nasty little steaming pile there, nomoresanity.

None of the west end faculty I know join the IVRPD cleanup crews. None of them are from the Engineering school.

Doofus, UCSB students don't live in every random corner of this County. They do live in IV. UCSB faculty should at least not call their students residences a `crap hole' as you do, or an `outhouse'. You are committing a total abdication of maturity and responsibility.

The Engineering school at UCSB has had a strict enrollment cap for years now; when it comes to educating California students, UCSB engineering has taken a pass; most students now in Engineering are from out of state or out of the country. The teaching load of most engineering professors is minuscule, but they sure want the $250,000/year retention packages.

On Unhappy Resident Tears Down Fencing Along Isla Vista Bluffs

Posted on June 23 at 6:15 a.m.

Thanks Cat. Another example of the usually unheralded generosity of IV residents. Our local media (including the Indy) somehow don't find the huge volunteer contribution of the IV community to be be news.

Another drunk in public or a party on the beach are news, but the people who volunteer to clean the streets every weekend, or who cleaned up after the original Deltopia or who volunteer at IV Youth Projects, the IV Elementary School, Friendship Manor, or at hundreds of other places in the community, and who reside in IV are just ignored and don't exist, according to the Indy.

Nick Welsh wrote recently ``Lastly, there is Isla Vista, a bastard stepchild of a town disowned and disinherited by any and all responsible parties. '' The huge responsible, charitable, and volunteer work done by IV residents is something that the Indy and other South Coast media flings turds at.

On The Give Sale Gives Back

Posted on June 22 at 8:36 a.m.

nomoresanity, I guess you don't stay around to see the teams of volunteers who clean up the streets later on the weekends. Don't see any UCSB faculty lifting a finger to help out there. All UCSB faculty care about is big retention packages… that their $250,000/year retention salaries with reduced teaching loads screw the students who pay there salaries doesn't concern UCSB faculty one bit. How about that professor at UCSB who demanded subsidized positions for both his wife *and* his mistress? UCSB faculty have no moral authority to preach to IV, they live in a moral cesspool.

Time for a State law that insists that UC faculty actually teach.

On Unhappy Resident Tears Down Fencing Along Isla Vista Bluffs

Posted on June 22 at 8:31 a.m.

Bingo, blahblahmoreblah, I've heard similar stories out here. Perhaps instead of focusing on Rodger and his problem, a little attention on SBCC and IV is appropriate.

A lot of the hordes of 20 somethings don't need an invite to give a drive to IV a try.

On What's Next for Isla Vista?

Posted on June 20 at 1:13 p.m.

Maybe SBCC could spend a bit of this on a center in IV to keep their 7,000 abandoned students in IV from developing into future Elliot Rodgers.

More likely SBCC will spend this money on new luxury boxes for the stadium, like they did before, and let all the negative behavior of their 7,000 profit-producing students who live in IV taint UCSB.

On SBCC Approves $288 Million Bond Measure

Posted on June 20 at 9:54 a.m.

Maybe the 7,000 City College students (like Elliot Rodger was), who are not under any regulation at all by UCSB, have something to do with IV's recent woes.

gives the 7,000 number. As UCSB has built more dorms on Campus, SBCC has expanded greatly with more out-of-area students, like Elliot Rodger.

On What's Next for Isla Vista?

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