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Posted on July 29 at 8:24 a.m.

Well, Chris Mitchum was smokin' some of his dad's stash, or sniffing some chemicals from their antiperspirant stockpile.

… `that college students vote for them (the SBCC bond) but skip town a few years later, leaving property owners like himself with the bills.'

Whoops. College students pay rent that pays their landlords' property taxes. When college students skip town, new college students move in and keep paying.

Mitchum is making it way to easy for Capps to get >90% of the student vote. He'd do much better to say to college students, `My dad smoked weed. I smoke weed. Vote for me, not someone anti-weed, like a school nurse. In fact, Lois was a school nurse!'

On Meeting Congressional Candidate Chris Mitchum

Posted on July 28 at 8:23 a.m.

Bicyclists blow through stop signs all over this county… follow a morning ride with Echelon and you'll see them not stop at signs all through Hope Ranch, Montecito, & Carpinteria, not to mention the City of Santa Barbara.

IV is sorely in need of more orderliness in its traffic control. That cars in theory have priority on the street is contradicted by the fact that there is much more pedestrian, bike, and skateboard traffic, and no well-thought out system of sidewalks or car restrictions to favor the dominant traffic modalities.

The County lifts a huge figure in road $ out of IV. Road related revenue for IV are about $1.4 million/year, and expenditures are about $0.25 million/year, according to the fiscal study prepared by Economic Planning Systems for LAFCO.

The absence of effective car restrictions in IV directly contributed to the deaths caused by Attias & the car-related injuries of 4 by Rodger. No way should cars be allowed on Sabado & Del Playa between 8pm and 1am on weekends. It is literally a matter of life & death.

So the first step in any plan for IV should be to get the $1.15 million/year in IV funds that the County is diverting elsewhere spent to make IV's streets safe.

On Isla Vista's Singularity

Posted on July 22 at 2:24 a.m.

There is not excuse for the trashing of the van and the perpetrators deserve arrest and conviction.

Perhaps the Sheriff should not say `a backpack full of bottles' when there was one bottle in the backpack. Propagating exaggeration like that reduces confidence in local law enforcement and calls into question the clear-headedness of the decision to clear the streets of IV.

On Authorities Make Eight More Deltopia Arrests

Posted on July 20 at 11:24 a.m.

The case against Desmond Williams, whose actions according the the Sheriff incited the `riot', has gotten a lot weaker since the initial announcements back in April. The Sheriff said he had `swung' a `backpack full of bottles' at a UCSB police officer. Turns out nobody saw the incident testified, the backpack was found to have one-half-full bottle, the backpack had the ID of someone else (Donje Hill, a Marine) in it, and the 24 cameras viewing the incident had no useful data on them.

Williams bail was *set to zero* by the judge, from $75,000.

The uprooting of signs was clearly done to tell the police to `stop'.

The time sequence of everything is very unclear. Maybe it will be unclear forever. A good move would be if the footage from the 24 cameras were first analyzed by a non-law enforcement controlled computer forensics expert, to insure not tampering, and then released to the public so we could judge for ourselves.

The public paid for all the footage, after all.

It is possible that the idiots in the crowd did all their stupid stuff and the police responded. It is also possible that police got Williams, who was the wrong guy, and the crowd blew up in response. Until there is an investigation that is out of the hands of the interested parties and that is believable, both alternatives are viable.

On Authorities Make Eight More Deltopia Arrests

Posted on July 18 at 8:03 a.m.

It is wrong to claim that the Deltopia event was `about' destroying a car, or rioting. 0.001% of the crowd were criminals who committed crimes. No-one defends their behavior. Smearing the other 99.999% makes no more sense than smearing the entire Fiesta because some gangsters commit a murder. Or smearing the entire community of Hope Ranch because Reed Slatkin defrauded investors of $100's of millions.

But when outsiders ponder Isla Vista, all common sense leaves their minds.

Why? Follow the money. The County and the rest of the community get a huge profit out of IV. Yet in IV there aren't even sidewalks. 7 or 8 times the outside community through LAFCO has kept IV from being a city or part of a city, which would allow IV to retain much of it funds.

The goal of UCSB and IV should be: detach from the County and build a mini -Manhattan, with every UCSB dollar from students, parents, and employee spent there, and not a single $ spent elsewhere in the County. Cancel all Arts & Lectures downtown. The outside community has f*** IV for a long time, and there is no longer any obligation of IV and UCSB to the rest of the County.

On Authorities Make Eight More Deltopia Arrests

Posted on July 17 at 3:24 p.m.

Eckerman said `Please don't give me the "cruising for chicks" explanation. I doubt whether anybody ever hooked up in an environment like Deltopia unless is was a matter of rape.'

Well, most tourists to Santa Barbara don't close on a house purchase when here either. But they enjoy the sightseeing here. And our local tourist institutions encourage a many tourists as possible.

Young men who head to Deltopia love the sight seeing there:

The fact that a deal is rarely closed doesn't stop the sight-seeing.

But a new zoning ordinance that requires burqas from top of head to toe for women in IV would easily end the sight-seeing. Wouldn't cost the government anything either.

On Authorities Make Eight More Deltopia Arrests

Posted on July 17 at 11:39 a.m.

Lori Gaskin is really despicable. Her institution has expanded for one reason: UCSB built (Manzanita Village, San Clemente, the new Sierra Madre) and purchased (Francisco Torres) a huge amount of on-campus student housing.

The UCSB students who move out of IV on to campus have been backfilled by new, out-of-area SBCC students who move in to IV.

The SBCC students disproportionately contribute to IV's problems. They are the hardest partiers, the youngest (most UCSB Freshman live in dorms or at home), and the most arrested.

Instead of embracing IV as a SBCC suburb and digging in to try to solve the problems of IV, she just says nothing and also trashes IV.

Lori Gaskin is exploitive and two-faced. She should resign over this outrage.

On City College: Tax Locally, Serve Globally?

Posted on July 11 at 6:16 a.m.

OK, according to the more careful Noozhawk report, Markee-Winkler's phone died in the middle of the phone call from her friends, and Markee-Winkler borrowed the phone of a nearby woman, and then Markee-Winkler called her friends back on that phone.

Surprising that that nearby woman can't be found, given that her phone number is easily available from phone records or from the friends' phones. Maybe law enforcement is not trying very hard.

The sandals and phone were on the ocean side of the fence…

``The preliminary examination of Markee-Winkler’s body showed no obvious traumatic injuries or broken bones. She was found wearing shorts and a tank top, and her sandals and cell phone were soon discovered near a tree in the park at the edge of the cliff. The items were found on the south, ocean side of a low wooden fence that runs east-to-west along the park’s cliffs. ''

But the real story remains: BAC of 0.25. Most likely she lost enough bodily control that she slipped off the cliff after climbing the fence. Giselle Ayala's BAC was 0.145. Also drunk. Both had Markee-Winkler & Ayala also had marijuana in their systems.

There are 5 liquor stores in IV, all serviced by major liquor companies, distributors, and interests who are economic heavyweights in this town.

Perhaps that is why the Indy and other news outlets never question the responsibility of those economic interests. Perhaps we could levy a tax on those industries to raise the $50 million necessary to put the kind of netting now going on the Golden Gate Bridge. Removing the coastal views in IV seems to me to be a direct violation of the California Coastal Act, which guarantees maximum access. Access is mostly visual to many, many people.

On Final Report Released on Death of UCSB Student Sierra Markee-Winkler

Posted on July 10 at 5:56 p.m.

Interesting, Ken_Volok. Of course it would be very pertinent to know whether arson was going on in the University Village areas, Pacific Palms, the apartments beyond Pacific Palms, Cannon Green, Ellwood, etc. The apparent housing arsonist fled west, not east toward IV.

On UCSB Housing Fire Latest in String of Possible Arsons

Posted on July 10 at 4:51 p.m.

… and how many arson related events transpired in the last few years in *Goleta*, where all the arson events at the UCSB housing and the Sesame Tree apartment complex are located? Isla Vista arson events have little to do with this story, but Goleta arson events are extremely pertinent to this story.

On UCSB Housing Fire Latest in String of Possible Arsons

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