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Posted on March 19 at 1:07 a.m.

Maybe those who stood by Jeff, were doing so because they had experienced the best of this person, as had I. Untill this last hearing, many of us who know the people involved were still hoping against hope, that the accusations were somehow false. Why not? If they were then the children were left unharmed, the people in Jeff's family were as well left unharmed. What's wrong in wishing the best scenario for such a horrific crime?
All involved in this community have done much soul searching over this. Do I still love him??? I am so God Damned Pissed at him! Who is he? What happened to him in his life to do this??????
In the end I still am questioning. Jeff's Family, and there are many, embraced the Mother of the Children after the sentencing.
There are no winners here, only victims or survivors.
So what is learned????
I hope that we find the lesson and live by it.

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Posted on March 19 at 12:27 a.m.

I don't think that some of the readers quite understand the significance of the BOA meetiing last Tuesday re: Cell Antennnas in Montecito.
If it wasn't for some members of that community, Montecito, doing their due diligence in investigating the possible effects re: most importantly health dangers to young children in near proximity to EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields), we might have missed the great service that they have done to all Santa Barbarans, rich and poor, in halting a whole county invasion of such devices. Thus, they have protected not only the neighborhoods of the privileged, but that also of the of the underprivileged.
What might not be understood is that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) had decreed and made law, that any objection (regarding cellular antenna installation) could not be made using health dangers as an issue. So, the Montecito Activists used their heads to figure out how can we fight this thing? Doing some research, they found out that across the U.S. and Canada property values decreased when cellular antennas were installed on properties, or quite near them, because of the hesitancy of prospective buyers to invest in a property with a potential health hazard present. As well, another arm available for protest involved the aesthetic detriment.
I'm a 63 year old Artist, a Santa Barbara woman, who has been a cleaning lady, worked at Hillside House caring for the residents, worked as a tutor at SBCC, working in the disabled student services as a tutor for those with learning differences, in other words I care.
The real activists in Montecito are not the mega rich, that many of these posts are rallying against, but young family people who have through good fortune landed in Montecito to raise their kids.
So while some of you are still caught up with "Joe the Plumber" class distinctions, I think that you need to start doing your due diligence and start doing real work to improve and protect your community and if because of your work load, you don't have the time, then you need to applaud and thank, those who are working on your behalf, because, believe me they are.

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