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Posted on January 30 at 2:08 p.m.

No phone. No pool and ADA CERTIFIED SERVICE DOGS...
CoExisting with these UNIONIZED Public Service Employees who have become THE Worse "Domestic-Enemy," in the history of Amerika?
With a pickup truck, no cooking or frig storage facilities to store/cook already OVER-THE-EDGE HANDOUTS... One can only wonder how YOU GOT "FOOD STAMPS"?

It's like hiring a man, mule and wagon to haul enough bird seed to feed ONE BIRD??!

And then there are Bill Browns and Cam Sanchez's THUG to finish us off ...for the NEGATIVE DEMOGRAPHICS... THEY NEED TO get federal Blok-Grant Funds to prove THEY NEED MORE... oney for Law Enforcement, Courts & Administration of (sic) "Justice benefits and payroll?

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