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Posted on May 21 at 11:54 a.m.

Paradise is Oil Free

Welcome ye to Paradise
Where lovers come to play
Her skin's a little oily
No makeup on today

She's always sentimental
In a sweet old fashioned way
But something's on her mind right now
A ton her heart does weigh

Her name is beach, sweet as a peach
But she's broken out in blotches
Someone let Pandora's box
Out on the beach in splotches

Please believe me, Paradise
I didn't mean to hurt you
I'm having trouble growing up
But I swear I won't desert you

I will get down on my knees
So great is my love for thee
And I will not stop scrubbing rocks
Until you're oil free

Oil Free Oil Free
That is what we need to be
Oil Free Oil Free
The only way to save the sea

Paradise I hear you crying
Blowholes filled with oil
In the Gulf your dolphins dying
How much can we spoil?

From Santa Barbara sugar sand
A fool will soon be parted
Four new whales washed up this week
Shell headed to the arctic

LA Times reporting on
a spill from '69
Please, no more transference
Start reporting on our time

Oil Free Oil Free
That is where we long to be
Oil Free Oil Free
No more on the shore to see

Oily bird in Paradise
I beg your understanding
When the meek inherit Earth
You'll be the last one standing

Mighty Orca please stand down
I ask just this one time
Let the baby Gray Whales pass
And migrate through the slime

Oil Free Oil Free
That is where we need to be
Oil Free Oil Free
No more asphalt on the sea

Oil Free Oil Free
Time to live the fantasy
Oil Free Oil Free
Take my heart, but spare the sea

joey racano

On State of Emergency Declared for Refugio Oil Spill

Posted on May 17 at 8:15 a.m.

Scientists were predicting last year that Humpbacks and Grays would beging to migrate early due to global warming. They were right. This brought the whales into conflict with crab fishermen. To avoid a repeat next season, the rules must be changed ASAP. This is a global phenomenon, with the same thing being reported in New Zealand.

Joey Racano, Director
Ocean Outfall

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On Tangled Whale Saved off Santa Barbara Coast

Posted on January 10 at 8:36 a.m.

Such Navy Sonar blasts do more than hurt whales ears. Sound at these levels become shock waves and cause tissue bruising. Also, sound travels differently through water than air- so when the sonar hits the whale, its velocity changes- and changes again when it hits the lungs- and then back again as it exits. This tears a whale apart internally. Also, in a San Diego neighborhood where sonar was opening and closing automatic garage doors, a surfer has charged that Navy sonar turned off his mothers pacemaker, causing her death. The Navy is being reckless in the extreme and should be penalized by defunding the program.

Joey Racano, Director
Ocean Outfall Group
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On Lawsuit Filed Over Navy Sonar Testing

Posted on December 2 at 1:15 p.m.


This is the Marine Preserve that makes the most sense. It is an area facing a state of emergency, where 2 rare Oarfish, a rare Beaked Whale and 7 Bottlenose Dolphins all washed or beached ashore within an astonishingly small 2-week window this past Aug-September.

We know for sure that 9 companies had permits to conduct 'low' energy (216db!) geophysical seismic surveys, and the permits expired the day of the first beaching. Too great for coincidence in my book. Also happening at this same tome were offshore fracking with no public knowledge, process or regulation, Navy Sonar, commercial and sport fishing, aquarium fish collecting, ship traffic in whale lanes, oil and natural gas exploration, and massive amounts of sewage being dumped by San Diego and Morro Bay-Cayucos, both using 301(h) sewage 'waivers' allowing the discharge to contain extra fecal debris. San Diego is dumping 50 BILLION gallons of the pathogen-laden stuff annually into Cabrillo National Monument off Point Loma!

Even the researchers who 'want to help' are killing otters open and stuffing them with electronic equipment, killing many, as a staging portion of the seismic tests at Diablo Canyon that were never approved!

And don't forget the 17 BILLION gallons a day being sucked into the seawater cooling intakes of coastal power plants, killing all the plankton and at the same time acting as a large predator would offshore, killing seals, otters, fish and simplifying the web of marine life. Also, there is the radiation from Fukushima and probably Diablo Canyon as well.

This Chumash Sanctuary is a perfect way to address the entire witches cauldron of insults to our precious marine ecology, and we support it 100%, so long as it recognizes this state of ocean emergency, and puts a stop to it all immediately.

Joey Racano, Director
Ocean Outfall Group

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stop the diablo canyon seismic testing

On New Marine Preserve for Central Coast?

Posted on January 2 at 3:32 p.m.

Ken, I agree with you that otters weren't born to be guinea pigs for PG&E- but, according to this blog, by people who were there when it happened, the Aquarium and UC Davis were complicit in the crimes against otters.

Please read it and correct me if I'm wrong, and I hope I am.

On Friends of the Sea Otter Gears Up for New Battles

Posted on December 31 at 8:12 p.m.

Nobody supports the FSO more than I, a life long fan of the late great Margaret Wentworth Oweings. But somebody had better get to the bottom of the 54 sea otters now swimming around out on the central coast, with electronic gear sewn illegally into their bellies by USGS and DFG, who took their money-and orders- from none other than PG&E.

The seismic testing at Diablo Canyon -for which this illegal otter vivisection was a staging portion- was not approved by the Coastal Commission, so now there are 54 otters out there having been turned into cyborgs, and no project! It is sad that Monterey Bay Aquarium and UC Davis were also involved in this criminal activity. Remember her book, 'Voice from the Sea'? Margaret Wentworth Oweings would be spinning in her grave.

Joey Racano

For updates please visit us on facebook at: Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing

On Friends of the Sea Otter Gears Up for New Battles

Posted on November 29 at 8:45 a.m.

Well apparently the writer of this article did a lot of research and still came up without the real beef. Let me take it one at a time- the techno wonks of whom you speak were obviously the 'Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility', who fought to the bitter end to have their dream come true- thousands of miles of ocean turned to desert via sonic air canons. I'd be a rich man if I had a nickle for every time I heard Rochelle becker say "I've been working on this for 40 years!". Rochelle, if you work on something for 40 years and still have not succeeded, then you have failed, so back away and allow someone else to try.

The CPUC will not dare try overrule the Coastal Commission because they've already got to deal with the fact that part of the project was allowed to move ahead before the regulatory process was done. It seems there are half a hundred sea otters out there with listening devices and batteries sewn into their furry bellies, and all for a project that was never approved! There they float, in sewage water waiting for the nice people to come give them a second surgery! Ghastly!

The CPUC meanwhile, says Lame Duck State Sen Sam Blakeslee called and called, insisting that his assembly bill mandated seismic testing so they should release the 64 million for the otter vivisections, etc. He lied.

Finally, the Jim Brune studies done in the 60's 70's and 80's showed clearly that parallel faults can interact to cause vertical acceleration to seismic energy. This make Diablo unsafe at any speed. No seismics needed. Decommission the plant before it makes any more waste!

Look around- the political climate is changed. The plant will not be re-licensed, nor should it be!

Joey Racano
On Facebook: Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing

On One More Dog for the Road

Posted on November 21 at 8:14 a.m.

The Commission received almost 60,000 emails, and also many hand written letters in hand addressed envelopes, showing an enormous effort on the publics part to show hoe much they disapproved of seismic testing and the marine havoc associated with it.

Also, the 'results' of PG&E's low level survey was itself, horrific, including dead Harbor Porpoises, salmon and thresher sharks and otters.

Perhaps most hideously, PG&E jumped the gun and in their arrogance, began capturing otters and surgically implanting them with sensor equipment, including batteries! Now that the project has been denied, those otters are out there in need of a second surgery to remove the electronic devices!

And all with no permits! How could they have been permitted, when the project never existed!?

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On Seismic Studies for Diablo Canyon Rejected

Posted on October 18 at 8:01 a.m.

Now that we know the Nuclear Waste plant is 'safe' from the Shoreline Fault, and have already studied the rest at some length, the NRC should cancel the seismic testing.

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On Feds Say Diablo Canyon Earthquake Safe

Posted on October 10 at 6:18 p.m.

Susan Jordan is correct in her observations. Also, this has a lot to do with pressure from another energy business who would benefit from seismic air canons- Big Oil!

On facebook: Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing

On PG&E Tweaks Testing Proposal

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