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Posted on May 10 at 10:34 p.m.

Glad to know that Dr. Seuss got it right with "Green Eggs and Ham."

On Green Eggs

Posted on March 28 at 5:20 p.m.

This is a nice intro to the, for many people, hidden gem of the Sedgwick Ranch Reserve in Santa Ynez Valley--as are the open houses and public hikes themselves. The Sedgwick, the Coal Oil Point Reserve, and the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve are part of the seven reserves that UCSB administers for the UC system; these three are open to the public on at least a limited basis.
There are other reserves that host guided hikes and, where appropriate, open houses; most regularly welcome visits from K-12 students. But the main purpose of the reserve system is to safeguard ecosystems that would allow scientific research in relatively undisturbed habitats.
Vic Cox

On Come See the Sedgwick

Posted on March 2 at 4:03 p.m.

Just got this message: "Hi Vic,
I just noticed that the link to our website it broken in the article. Is it possible to have it fixed?
Angelique "

When I checked the link was still broken. Please try

On Recycle, Reuse Refined at the ReStore

Posted on November 23 at 1:36 p.m.

To Dr. Bob's family:
He and I were Dons, graduates of the Class of '60, and my chief memories are of him enjoying school life and friends as a young man. We were not close, went our separate ways, and only bumped into each other a couple of times after I returned to SB in 1982, but he still had that ready smile.
I learned much about his recent life and achievements from Ms. Bardach's tribute, and hope the family will accept her, and others', comments in the spirit in which they clearly are offered. BTW, it is standard (and respectful) journalistic style to use the person's last name in second references, though some papers also use titles.

On Robert Young, M.D.: The Good Doctor

Posted on November 6 at 10:14 a.m.

This update on the illegally fired journalists highlights the truth of the dictum "Justice delayed is justice denied." Kudos to the reporters, the NLRB staff, the union lawyers and all of their supporters for seeing this ordeal through.

On Justice Crawls, Fired Reporters Wait

Posted on October 5 at 11:37 a.m.

While no one can firmly predict the city's (or the country's) economic/financial future, the Council majority made the right decision for this time and for this proposed project, in my opinion. I hope that, in Mayor Aceves' words, the staff will continue to "shop around" for a project better suited to the city's needs and with better financing terms.

On Goleta Passes on New City Hall

Posted on September 7 at 9:51 a.m.

I hope more humor and satire, such as this piece, deflate the overheated public rhetoric of the healthcare "debate." Good for you, George.

On What's Health Got to Do With It?

Posted on July 18 at 2:45 p.m.

FYI: A day's worth of panel discussions at the American Ornithologists Union's 2005 conference drew a picture of lead poisoning in wild condors from the results of various public and private researchers' work. Among the results: Lead ammunition is the "predominant source of lead poisoning in Calif. condors," according to Don Smith and Molly Church, UCSC Environmental Toxicology Lab, who studied lead isotope tracers on lead found in 26 dead condors.
From the Arizona Fish & Game researchers, who looked at a much smaller wild condor population (the first captive was released in 1996) found that seven of 12 dead condors died of lead poisoning, and lead fragments in deer carcasses during hunting season was a major contributor. No researcher claimed that lead ammunition was the sole cause of of condor deaths, and some noted that there were other, environmental sources of lead. But the scientific evidence presented four years ago showed that lead ammo was (and is) a chief factor in condors' lead ingestion and poisoning. It will be useful to compare the Calif. birds' blood lead levels before and after the introduction of the new state law banning use of lead ammo in the condors' feeding range.
I agree with Citti that when we're investing tens of millions in a program to reintroduce wild condor populations in only is common sense to minimize or eliminate man-made threats to that population

On Condor Found Strangled

Posted on May 30 at 10:10 a.m.

In addition to the good points raised above about the meat-ax approach to closing parks to "save money," locals should recall that in each of the last three of our wildland fires many evacuees fled to El Cap and Refugio for a few days. Do you think the state will open closed parks near fires in the future when they are again needed as escape valves? I wouldn't bet on it.

On Governor Considers Closing 220 State Parks to Save Money

Posted on May 3 at 1:10 p.m.

While i agree with the writer's description of the upper Westside as a vacation goal, i found her choice of hotels a bit steep. Unmentioned are the budget hotels/hostels, which are not only on the Westside, and the Craigslist temporary rentals (room or condo, depending on budget and size of party). I got a room for two on the upper Westside with a bathroom immediately around the corner for $75 a night, including 14% taxes and fees. So the bargins are still there if you're willing to be flexible on the conveniences, the size and the age of the rooms. Plus you meet interesting people, mostly the serious budget travelers (old and young), from around the world.

On Taste the Real New York

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