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Posted on December 11 at 6:33 a.m.

New Leader for Casa Esperanza
At 29 Years Old, Jessica Wishan Takes the Reigns from Financial Savior

Did someone mean to write that she has taken the "reins," or is there a pun there that I'm missing?

On New Leader for Casa Esperanza

Posted on November 29 at 6:55 a.m.

I think you've gone beyond any "stretch" and moved on to the land of the ludicrous with your assetion. There is absolutely no "similarity between what is happening here and what happened in Europe in the 1930s." No one's rounding up either the "homeless" for extermination or even internment. Some, not me, might argue, though, that mandated hospitalization, perhaps a form of forced interment, for the truly mentally ill could be a good thing.

I think that a too-frequent tendency to bring one's personal history over life's many disappointments to these larger, non-related, issues typically makes for an ineffective argument. Ironic, perhaps, that on another thread ("Missions"), you seem to argue against this sort of loose and overwrought application of historical precedent.

On Homeless Camps Cleaned Up

Posted on November 27 at 7:12 a.m.

If you lived downwind/near any of these camps during the now seemingly perpetual "fire season," you might indeed feel safer.
There really is a difference between the "homeless" (or the recently deceased local hermit-type who was so nicely profiled here this past week) and the often-aggressive and mostly irresponsible vagrants who make up much of the local "scene" these days.

Referring to "cleansing," economic or otherwise,
is really a stretch here.

On Homeless Camps Cleaned Up

Posted on November 27 at 7 a.m.

There's ittle doubt that California's Indians (and those elsewhere) were treated terribly by those promoting Spanish colonialism, religious belief systems and, later, "manifest destiny." I think the record is pretty clear and has been for many years. The problem I see is a sort of piling on that's now underway that may be seen as more political in nature. Too often these analyses are tainted by what used to be called (maybe it still is?) the "presentist argument."
Yep, things, including people's views, were certainly different hundreds of years ago. Maybe some academics, or Pulitzer-nominated journalists, should start thinking about saving the trees at this point.
Interesting that Barney B. in the overview of the Danish quartet that directly follows jokingly notes that we should "never mind ancient history." Maybe that's what the Franciscans, or their defenders, would argue as well?

On Misery at the Missions

Posted on November 20 at 6:04 a.m.

Interesting analysis. Clearly, both Gaskin and those in the politio-admin UC chain fail to get it and the students continue to get jerked around, spending more and more money while dealing with increasingly overcrowded campuses. Time for some serious reevaluation by the UC system which, like SBCC locally, seems to have lost sight of its mission. Has anyone ever looked into the Napolitano "appointment" which seemed to have been done-deal at the announcement?
I wonder if there's any provision for a recall or a no confidence vote of some kind? While I get the connections that NW is making with UCSB/SBCC/IV and the failure of Measure S, I think the semi-joking reference to the IV killer (using his name as a synonym for "screwed" here) is not exactly the right call, to put it mildly.

On Run Spot Run: The ABCs of Do-Re-Mi

Posted on November 11 at 6:27 a.m.

native: Sounds like quite an etymological/semantic stretch to me, but sure, okay.
Not sure how UCSB would "relieve" her of her "reputation."
"Teaching credentials" (or certification,) in this context, would seem to refer to the fairly specific things these words actually mean, something not applicable in this instance. In any case, it's all rather moot. She's not going anywhere unless she chooses to do so.
Over and out.

On Anti-Abortion Group Sues UCSB, Professor, Students

Posted on November 11 at 5:23 a.m.

She will not lose her job over this. For a number of reasons, that will never happen.
Also, college professors are not required to have "teaching credentials."

On Anti-Abortion Group Sues UCSB, Professor, Students

Posted on November 9 at 6:15 a.m.

"It is completely a woman’s choice to wear a scarf." This is simply not true in many Islamic societies and cultures today and is a key point in any honest discussion of this subject.
You, the author, are of course free to dress according to your sensibilities and beliefs.

The French government's outright ban on the full-face cover version (not the same as the hijab) was much in the news in the past year:
The head scarf issue was also involved in the ongoing legal process there::

On Wearing Hijab for Modesty in All Things

Posted on November 8 at 5:06 a.m.

Like Eckermann, can't imagine too many times I'd be in agreement with Adams, but I am in this instance. Common sense needs to prevail.

I've also never understood the rather weird fascination for pit bulls that is displayed by many of their advocates. Clearly, there are valid reasons why they're banned/regulated in many states and quite a few countries.

On The ‘Dangerous’ Dog Dilemma

Posted on November 6 at 5:21 p.m.

I am by no means a fan or supporter of Lois Capps (nor of the other dud who was running), but stating she "doesn't really have native knowledge of the local culture?" Are you kidding? How weirdly insular and "townie" can one get?

On Capps Survives; Measures P and S Flame Out

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