It is in my family. My father used to see spirits when he would go house-hunting. My mother saw fairies and can interpret the dream world. My paternal great grandmother would predict the future and my maternal grandma was highly intuitive. I had problems forming the sounds of words when I was young. I believe this is because my telepathic language developed quickly and the thought of putting everything I saw, heard, felt, and smelled into a stream of words was overwhelming.

When I was a teenager, I prayed to God for him to take my parakeet. I didn’t want to see my bird sick and suffering anymore. I found PJ dead less than an hour later. After his passing, I would still hear PJ tweeting his favorite song, Jimmy Cliff’s You can get it if you really want, as I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. I once caused three girls to leave a slumber party because I asked the host’s mother how she changed out of the “old fashioned” clothes so fast. I had seen a ghost. I had so many intense experiences with the Ouija Board that I had get rid of it. When my friends’ mom died of cancer in high school, I would talk to her spirit to get advice. An old friend use to attract discarnates, which are spirits that have yet to cross over. On days that I had spent time with my friend, I would awake to dark shadows sitting beside me on my bed and lingering in my doorway. Sometimes they would frighten me with the chilling air or sulphur smell that they brought with them.

Animals have always been my passion. So they have been what I give the majority of my psychic attention to. Often, at clients’ houses, I feel human spirits around. They create images in my mind when I close my eyes, give me chills or goose bumps, send aromas of smoke, beer, baking, or flowers, send a warm breeze my way. They pester me to relay messages to the living. I have ignored them or told them, “Go away. I don’t talk to dead people.” Some are so persistent that the animal I am there to see finally says something like, “Tell my person that her grandma is here and that she is proud of her. She says she is with her when she acts on stage.” I have had a rule that if the animal translates, the message gets through and don’t have to talk to the dead people directly. It was my secret system that worked.

Now the spirits are around me more. They have been more respectful of my space. They no longer hover and abruptly appear. They use my doorknocker. They blow the wind chimes on a calm day. They give me warm sensations and shadows in my mind before they speak. They are asking me to expand my awareness, to stop ignoring them, and to help them get their messages through. They tell me I am protected. The tell me the dark ones won’t come.

My best friend’s child comes and tells me messages for her mother, my grandma comes and tells me to trust, and a distant friend’s mom, whom I never met during her life, is insistent in persuading me to expand my gifts. I would probably even be estranged from my friend if it were not for his mother and her messages. Why is she watching me? I have not quite understood.

I have finally surrendered to this part of myself. I have now added “medium” to my list of services. The animals are my true love, though I have now opened another door. It is a constant study of every thought, feeling, smell, and image that enters my awareness. It is not just me that the spirits come to. They come to you too. Ask yourself, “What am I sensing, feeling and thinking? Why? Where it is coming from?” Knowing thy self is where it all begins.


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