The Cats’ Meows

Peeing Outside the Box

Here are some things that cats have shared with me this week:

When I asked Annie, a black long-haired cat, why she pees outside the litter box, she replied, “Do you see my pretty hair? If I go into the litter box and another cat has peed, then I get their pee on my pretty fur. It is disgusting.”

Moofie, an orange tabby cat, said about communicating with her person, “When Mom is falling asleep, my brother and I tell her everything we want her to understand. Then when she wakes up she knows it all.”

During a phone consultation, I was speaking to Timmy the cat about traveling in the car. His family was moving to a home 12 hours away. They said that during the last car ride Timmy yowled, threw up, pooped, and peed because of stress. Timmy then informed me that my cat Makia had also joined in on the conversation. He said, “I want to say that yourcat says, ‘Don’t be scared. You are being silly. You might have a way cooler home than you do now. It is always a surprise. Don’t stick your head too close to an open window, because the air will rush into you. Just sleep and imagine you are in your favorite place and be glad you have a person. I know cats that don’t. Be calm, and if you get scared go back into your carrier.” Timmy’s person informed me that he did very well on the car ride and did exactly what Makia told him. Looks like I have found my new assistant!

Kelly the cat has advice for her human: “Can you tell my mom that she needs to be more efficient with all the paperwork? She needs to make adjustments and when she makes them she should be organized.” They just recently moved into a new house and her human’s home office has stacks of papers on the desk.

Kelly also says, “Can I have a collar with little rodents on it? I have seen that before. I like little rodents.” I have heard she is a very good huntress.

Malcolm the cat says about his human friend: “He tries to be really good but then he makes a mistake. Then he doesn’t know it’s a mistake until much later. I think I am kinda like that. I think something is a good idea and then later I realize maybe it wasn’t.”

I asked Malcolm what some of his mistakes are. Malcolm answered, “Scratching the furniture or trying to jump on a dresser from a place where I can’t make it.”

Sabrina the orange tabby asks, “During the day, can the TV sometimes be on? I like reality TV the best. It is fun to watch.”

Vixen is a 22-year-old female calico cat. She says, “I believe a good thought is believing you are rich even though some may look at your life and think you’re not.”


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