Everyone enjoys eating out at Santa Barbara’s amazing array of eateries. Today we are so fortunate to have more choices for casual or exquisite fine dining experiences.

I worked at Olive Mill Bistro in the late 1970s and was maitre’d of Ristorante Piatti during its first five years in Montecito. I have always loved Santa Barbara restaurants, so I took it upon myself to research their history at the Santa Barbara Public Library many years ago. From that, I developed this list of the public places folks could grab a bite in the Santa Barbara area from the early days in the late 19th century through the mid-1980s.

The handwritten list was done years before computers, and I dug it out of my files and typed it up so share with a few friends. Chef James Sly loved it so much it the he posted it on a Wiki site for several years until it expired.

It may not be 100 percent all-inclusive of everything that’s transpired in the restaurant scene since the 1880s, but it was the best I could do. It became difficult to continue after 1984 as there were so many openings and moves. As well, the definition of what a restaurant is needs to be reconsidered, as today we have so many fast food places.

If time permits, I hope someday to complete the task. But as it stands, this list is a fun way to peruse how the names changed over the years, how restaurant numbers grew smaller during World War II, and how fanciful names of restaurants began in the 1950s. Browsing through the names of dining establishments and when they opened might just trigger fond memories of meals enjoyed with friends and loved ones. Please feel free to send any memories to food@independent.com, and The Independent may choose to publish a few.

I hope you enjoy your travel through time.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Restaurant openings are organized by year, and, when possible, the name is followed by the owner, address, and occasionally other notes. Prior to World War II, it seems many if not most restaurants were simply named after their proprietors. There is also some redundancy in names of restaurants and proprietors from year to year, but we are publishing the list in full as submitted.


Stokum and Cavalli Restaurant: Confectionery, Ice Cream, & Oyster Saloon


Bonardy and Bianco: Mrs. I.N. Cook

Lamon Leyva: E. A Thayer

Olympia Restaurant: L. Miratti, 40 State St.

Women’s Exchange: 927 State St.


Boston Restaurant: C.D. Lyons, 512 State St.

Miles and Howard: 619 State St., Telephone: 461 Red

Delmonico: Mrs. P. Castro


Branco’s: 814 State St.

Dunlap Café: 26 West Ortega

French Café: 630 State St.

Grandma’s Lunch Parlor: 435 W. Anapamu

New York Kitchen: 536 State St.

Ohio Home Cooking: 623 State St.

Olympia: 538 State St.

Santa Barbara Restaurant: 512 State St.

Sarri & Gentini: Quarantina St.

Spanish Restaurant: 18 E. Ortega, 300 State St.

The Claremont: 519 State St.

Woman’s Exchange: 921 State St.


The Alhambra: 716 State St.

Branch & Bertino: 111 State St.

French Café: 630 State St.

Mrs. Clementia Muscro: 738 Anacapa

N.Y. Kitchen: 538 State St.

The Ohio Café: 623 State St., moved to 515 State St. in 1911

Jenmutsu Okmura: 510 State St.

The Olympia: 598 State St.

Sam Kee: 10 E. Canon Perdido

John Sarri: Quarantina & Mason


J. Angels & Co.: 500 State St.

J.B. Bianchi: 119 State St.

City Restaurant: 536 State St.

Cota & Arellanes: 807 ½ State St.

Konda K: 512 State St.

L.J. Marshall: 823 State St.

Ohio Restaurant: W.S. Kestner “Best 25 cent meal in the City” “The only first class Restaurant; also the Cleanest, Most Pleasant and Home-like Dining Room in Santa Barbara.”

Tokyo Restaurant: 426 State St.

Woman’s Exchange: 921 State St.


Mrs. Alia Babington: 508 State St.

R.M. Bailey: 16. W. Anapamu

Domingo Baudino: 202 State St.

J.R. Brabo: 104 State St., 1908 moved to 19 E. Figueroa

Victor Clairemont: 519 State St., in 1908 moved to 515 State St.

The Coffee Club: 624 State St.

Chas. E. Cota: 807 ½ State St.

Mrs. M.A Hall: 825 ½ State St.

T. Hirota: 426 State St.

Alfred Jacoutot: 1 Montecito St.

Kelley & Bason: Carpinteria & Nopal Sts.

A.C. Lekas & Co.: 623 State St.

L & A Miratti: 598 State St., in 1908 moved to 538 State St.

Louis Raffour: City Hall Plaza

John Sarriyeanes & Co.: 500 State St.

John Senich: 628 State St.

Southern Pacific Eating House: 227 State St., moved to 217 State in 1911

A.W. Weekly: 534 State St., in 1908 moved to 532 State St.

The Woman’s Exchange: 921 State St., moved to 915 State St. 1911


W.V. Bayley: 520 State St.

H.W. Beatty: 621 State St.

Ben Heong: 18 E. Canon Perdido

Neal Callahan: 227 State St.

Secondo Corti: 906 State St., in 1911 moved to 527 State St.

Gutman & Ostermann: 624 State St.

Saddlerock (Fazio & Harbach): 500 State St.

Koyo Sakamoto: 426 State St.

Jone Wong: 9 E. Canon Perdido, moved to 919 ½ State St. in 1911, and 913 1/2 State St. in 1912


P.J. Hesser: 206 State St.

The Japanese Tea Garden: Esplanade del Mar & Castillo

E. Johnson: 503 State St.

Silva & Bonilla: 520 State St.


Fior D’Italia Restaurant: 115 E. De La Guerra

Hong Kong Café: 919 State St.


Eagle Restaurant: 426 State St.

Simon Macias: 18 W. Canon Perdido

L. J. Marshall: 803 State St., moved 1204 ½ State St.- 1914

Jos. Masseo: 518 ½ State St.

Oak Park Tea House: 2422 Alamar Ave.

Monroe Parker: 206 State St.

Quaker Dining Room: 26 W. Ortega

Caesar Ruiz: 520 ½ State St.

Loy Guey Soon: 14 East Canon Perdido

J.G. Swenson: 511 State St.

F. Tsuiuda: Esplanade del Mar & Castillo


Lucien Abadie: 624 State St.

A.C. Austin: 1010 State St.

Casa de Brabo: 229 State St.

Charles Cota: 736 State St., moved to 229 State St. in 1921

John Cota: 807 ½ State St.

M. Donnelly: 520 State St., moved to 433 State St. in 1917

Delia Edwards: 206 State St.

J.B. Fazio: 500 State St.

H.J. Johnson: 511 State St.

Dominico Macchoni: 527 State St.

C. Shendow: 426 State St.


W.E.Anglin: 26 W. Ortega

Reno Becchio: 200 State St.

J.W.Bradshaw: 518 State St., in 1915 moved to 527 State St.

C.E. Cota: 11 E. Canon Perdido

Jesse Detrow: 433 State St.

Jones Cafeteria: 916 State St.

New China Café: 722 ½ State St.

O.L. Robertson: 520 ½ State St., 1915 moved to 426 State St.

Louis Silver: 230 State St.


Ysmail Castro: 7 E. Canon Perdido

Jesse Clark: 210 State St.

Nicholas Dimas: 613 State St.

H.F. Echols: 807 State St.

Albert Zschocke: 503 State St.


American Restaurant & Oyster Grotto: 613 State St.

Louis China Café: 106 E. Canon Perdido

L.S. Fargo: 232 State St.

Firfires & Apostolides: 807 State St.

W. L. Foster: 210 State St.

The Goodfellows Grotto: 623 State St.

Albert Graves: 200 State St.

J.F. Gunther: 430 State St.

Far Hang: 9 E. Canon Perdido

Alfred Jackoutol: Coast Highway & Humphrey Rd.

R.D. Jones: 413 and 916 State St.

Fong Kay & Co.: 11 ½ E. Canon Perdido

Kurtis & Nick: 623 A State St.

Le Chalet: Coast Highway & Humphrey

Liberty Café: 722 State St.

A.M. Maree: 514 State St.

L.J.Marshall: 1218 ½ State St.

Jacques Massa: 527 State St.

S.B. Lunch Room: 715 State St. (later, SB Lunch Counter)

Henry Vizzolini: 536 State St.

M.P. Wright: 306 State St.


J.O. Lopez: 200 State St.

Raffour’s Grill: 526 State St.

Ruiz & Silva: 430 State St.

J.A. Senich: 606 State St.


Bake Rite Bread Shop: 6-8 W. Anapamu

Chris’s Grill: 613 State St.

J.G. Gonzopolus: 433 State St.

R.D. Jones: 413 State St.

Kamnses & Stavron: 632 State St.

Get Kung: 11 ½ E. Canon Perdido

Alex Morales: 430 State St.

Santa Barbara Cafeteria: 916 State St.

Savoy Grill: 807 State St.

State Café: 1019 ½ State St.

J.F. Young: 230 State St.


Cavestor & Shaw: 430 State St.

Sam Chriss & Co: 623A State St.

J.J. Dunn: 200 State St.

A.W. Hamden: 132 W. Montecito

H.L. Hawthorne: 431 State St.

Frank Martin: 715 State St.

Neal Lunch Room: 217 State St.

Palm Café: 230 State St.

The Patio: 29 E. De La Guerra

Geo Regan: 435 State St.

Spiros & Antonelis: 507 ½ State St.

D. Stavron: 632 State St.

A.R. VanWinkle: 606 State St.


The Brown Mug: 430 State St.

G & M Cafeteria: 807 State St.

Gold Fish Café: 1025 State St.

Harry Greenwood: Stearns Wharf

Hotel Faulding Cafeteria: 19 E. Haley St.

Orpheum Grill : 613 State St.

Peerless Restaurant: 312 State St.

Sign of the Cypress Inn: 1534 Garden St.

Spendid Café: 623 State St.

Star Grill: 507 ½ State St.


Blue Bird Café

Cozy Corner Tea Room

Golden Gate Café: 8 E. Cota

Silver Café: 30 E. Cota


Adobe Tea Shop: 15 E. Carrillo

American Coffee Shop: 10 E. Carrillo

Anacapa Café: 333 Anacapa

Madhouse Café: 1218 State St.

Mission Café: 4 West De La Guerra

OK Lunch: 435 State St.

Pacific Café: 507 ½ State St.

Shanghai Low Café: 20 E. Cota

Texas Lunch: 622 State St.


Alamar Coffee Shop

Busy Bee Café

Cabrillo Café: 510 State St.

Gray Squirrel: 20-22 E. Carrillo

La Fonda: 216 E. Carrillo

Mint Lunch: 321 State St.

Neal Café: 217 State St.

Pekin Low Café: 534 State St.

Peoples Lunch Room: 711 State St.

Rock Tea House

Shorty’s Café: Shorty was George Velliotes’s father

The Waverly: 2325 Castillo


Caesar’s Café: 727 Chapala

W.E. Lafond: 512 State St.

Mannings Inc. (The Copper Coffee Pot): 1029 State St.


Billy’s Café and Lunch Room: 427 State St.

Casa de Sevilla: 426-428 Chapala

El Paseo: 21 E. De La Guerra

William Pappas: 328 W. Cabrillo


Dinah’s Shack

Forget Me Not

Johnston’s Cafeteria: 916 State St.


Minter Café: 321 State St.

Russel Fine Food: 114 State St.


Mexico City Inn: 24 E. Gutierrez


College Grill

El Cortijo: 915 Coast Highway

Restaurante del Paseo

Van Dyke Café


La Arcada Fine Foods

The Sportsman: 20 W. Figueroa

Sam Velliotis: 630 State St.


Ship Café

Pine Tree Coffee Shop

The Tavern

Vizzolini & Aliverti


Alt Heidelberg Café: 623 State St.

Arnoldi’s: 421 E. Cota

George Pappas: 1203 State St.

Melody Lane


French Restaurant: 728 State St.

La Paloma Cafe


Lido Café: 944 Coast Highway


Golden Dragon



Elmer’s: 1025 Chapala

El Cielto: 1114 State St.

Lucky Spot Café


Blue Onion

Chanticlair: 116 E. De La Guerra

Eaton’s of Santa Barbara: 800 Anacapa

J P. Karleskint: 1122 State St.

Nicholas Leon: 632 Santa Barbara St.

NanKing Garden Café: 718 ½ State St.

Pietro’s Italian Restaurant: 230 State St.

Pink Cricket: 944 Coast Highway (night club)

Jimmy's Oriental Gardens
Paul Wellman


Big Umbrella Drive Inn: 233 Bath

Blue Onion Drive In: 1701 State St.

Bird’s Blue Onion: 834 Coast Highway

Café Louise: 518 No. Milpas

Courtesy Café: 304 E. Haley

Dopey’s Restaurant: 962 Coast Highway

The Dutch Garden Café: 4203 Hollister

El Poche Café: 831 E. Haley

Harbor Restaurant: Stearns Wharf

Jimmy’s Oriental Garden: 126 E. Canon Perdido

Joe’s Café: 512 State St.

La Conga Café: 421 E. Haley

La Paloma Café: 702 Anacapa

Leon D’Oro Café: 523 State St.

Lucky Spot Café: 437 State St.

Red Roost: 2921 Hollister

Talk of the Town: 123 W. Gutierrez

Victory Café: 635 Chapala

The Dutch Garden
Paul Wellman


Acapulco Café: 618 E. Haley

Carl’s Steak House

The Carousel

Frank’s Rice Bowl

Green Lobster Café

Rose Café: 434 E. Haley

Royal Hawaiian Charcoal Broiler

San Roque Steak House

Signal Café: 314 W. Gutierrez

Sip a Cup a Tea: 114 E. De La Guerra

The Spigot: 2611 De La Vina

Top Hat: 8 E. Carrillo

Triangle Café

Twin Burger: 2731 De La Vina

Tyrol Café: 905 Coast Village Rd.


Mom’s Italian Village


Big E Nuf Coffee Shop

Branding Iron Café


Home Café

Hot Spot Café

Jim’s Malt Shop

Lobster House

Maldo’s El Charro

La Tolteca

Ruth & Roger’s

Hotel Upham


El Presidio

Somerset: 1016 Coast Village Rd.

Leon’s: 536 State St.


Cheerio Shop

Club 14

The Gables: 3304 State St.

Green Gables: 2710 De La Vina

The Original Sambo's.


Arizona Inn Restaurant: 623 ½ State St.

One O One Restaurant: Coast Village & Castillo

Petersen’s Drive In: 2984 State St.

Reporter Café: 804 State St.

Sambo’s Pancakes: 216 W. Cabrillo

Willy’s: 1919 De La Vina


The Farmer Boy: 3427 State St.

Horrible Haggerty’s Steak House: 4135 Hollister

Pizza by Petrini: 18 Calle Laureles

Postage Stamp: 115 E. Canon Perdido

Thunderbird Café: 18 E. Victoria


Jolly Tiger

Pea Soup Anderson’s: 314 E. Carrillo

Steer Steak House

Silver Spur Chuck Wagon

Uncle John’s Pancake House: 3514 State St.

Winchell’s Donuts: 202 No. Milpas


The Buttered Bun: 5744 Hollister

The Bun: 1155 Old Coast Highway

Bun & Burger: 305 W. Montecito

Coney Island Café: 30 W. Cota

The Continental: 3554 State St.

Foster’s Freeze: 6023 Hollister

La Tourelle: 501 Chapala

Prip’s Coffee Shop: 210 W. Carrillo

Top Notch Café: 912 ½ State St.


A & W Root Beer: 4123 State St.

Alice’s: 414 No. Milpas

Bray’s 101: 4285 State St.

Café Gourmet: 1833 State St.

The Canteen: 33 W. Anapamu

Chez Paul: 110 W. Carrillo

Chicken Delight of Goleta: 5729 Hollister

Chicken Villa: 309 N. Milpas

Denny’s Coffee Shop: 3731 State St.


Faye Café

Galleon Room

Gingham Girl Donuts

Greyhound Post House

Herb’s Hamburger House

Kerry’s Restaurant

Le Gourmet: 11 W. Arrellaga

Link’s Drive In: 23 E. Cabrillo

Loop’s Fine Foods

The Marco Polo: 1295 Coast Village

Me-N-Ed’s Pizza Parlor: 1950 Cliff

Reindeer Room

Santa Barbara Inn

Suishin Sushiyaki

Tee Off: 3627 State St.

Tree House: 3680 State St.

Yankee Clipper: 3435 State St.


Charlotte’s Coffee Shop: 2928 De La Vina

Colony Prime Rib House: 4422 Hollister

Deano’s Pizzarama: 1950 Cliff

Esau’s Coffee shop: 403 State St.

Jack in the Box: 4805 Voltaire

Orange Julius: 622 N. Milpas

Shaker’s Pizza : 6396 Hollister

Sir George’s Smorgasbord: Fairview

Sizzler: 5112 Hollister

Tic Toc Dinette: 1812 Cliff

The Timbers: 101 Winchester

Utopian Restaurant: 2921 De La Vina


Ashton’s Restaurant: 1031 Santa Barbara St.

Bif’s: 25 W. Anapamu

Burgermaster: 226 E. Canon Perdido

Café del Sol: 516 San Ysidro Rd.

Casa Blanca: 628 E. Haley

Colonel Sanders: 5957 Calle Real

Fern’s Coffee Shop: 1225 Coast Village

Fig Tree: 1701 State St.

Henny Penny Chicken Take Out

Little Audrey’s: 711 State St.

Lloyd’s Restaurant: 790 State St.

Maya Mexican Food: 3955 State St.

Moby Dick

Old Bavaria

PHD: 6578 Trigo

Pig Pen BarBQ: 4135 State St.

Porky’s Brute Burger: 4285 State St.

Redwood Inn: 124 W. Cota


Blue Ox Steak House

Chuck’s Steakhouse

Dairy Delight: 370 Storke

The Drumstick: 3731 State St.

Harry’s El Cielito: 1114 State St.

Kahlua’s: 1235 Coast Village

Love’s: 3744 State St.

Luigi’s: 229 W. Montecito

Nebi’s Coffee Shop: 6547 Trigo

New China: 2921 De La Vina

Russian Restaurant Troyka: 200 E. Anapamu

Sam’s Scoop: 1213 Coast Village

The Saucy Pig: 36 E. Haley

Ski Lodge Coffee Shop: 6030 Hollister

Stan’s Breakfast House: 910 ½ State St.

The Stewed Oyster

Taco Bell: 821 N. Milpas

Walter’s Café: 25 W. Anapamu


A & W Drive Ins (three locations)

Ben Hur Restaurant: 3825 La Cumbre

Big John: 201 W. Carrillo


Casa Linda: 1235 Coast Village

Casa Madrid: 110 W. Carrillo

Cattleman’s Inn

Duffy’s Fish & Chips

Harry’s Plaza Café

Jack & Jill Drive In: 216 S. Milpas

Olive Mill Bistro: 1295 Coast Village Rd.

Palace Pizza and BBQ: 500 Anacapa


Black Galleon Room: 1121 E. Cabrillo

Bonanza Sirloin: 3614 State St.

Char West: 3771 State St.

John Dory

Evie’s: 322 W. Cabrillo

Horn O’ Plenty: 185 N. Fairview

Howard Johnson: 3825 La Cumbre

McDonald’s: 146 S. Fairview

Minnie Pearls Chicken Store

Rusty’s Roast Beef

Sambo’s (three locations)


Ernie’s : 701 Chapala

Espana: 29 E. Cabrillo

H. Salt Esquire Fish & Chips

Heidi Pie

Mister D’s Joie de Vivre: 4130 State St.

Nick’s Olive Café: 832 Olive

Old SB Fire Dept. Rest. & Bar: 923 Chapala

The Palace: 500 Anacapa

Sambo’s (five locations)

Yellow Balloon: 1496 East Valley

Afghan House: 1121 E. Cabrillo

Aiello’s O Solo Mio Italian: 2945 De la Vina


Carrow’s Hickory Chip

Fred Dobb & Sons: 1014 Coast Village

Enrico’s International: 802 Chapala

The Happy Steak: 4898 Hollister

Headband: 7300 Hollister

Hobey Baker’s Food & Drink: 5904 Hollister

JJ Newberry’s Luncheonette

Pizza Luau: 3132 State St.

Red Top (two locations): 1 State St. & 415 N. Milpas


El Nayarit Cenadura: 32 E. Haley

Lube’s Yellow Submarine


Paula’s Place: 6581 Pardall

Poor Richards Inn: 232 W. Carrillo


Aloha Drive Inn


Bull Market Steak House

Elliott’s Seafood

Furoy’s Enchiladas

Head of the Wolf

Jacques European Family Restaurant


Peking Restaurnat

Ruby Begonia’s Highway 101

Skip’s Perry Pizza

Richard Squires Pub: 232 W. Carrilo

Stock Pot: 3524 State St.

Straw Hat Pizza: 5687 Calle Real

Taco Bell (four locations)

The Tea House Restaurant: 301 E. Canon Perdido

Yosemite Jack’s: 6030 Hollister


Der Wienerschnitzel

Eggception Omlette House: 1208 State St.

The Farmer and the Fisherman: 217 N. Milpas

The Fondue Place: 125 E. Carrillo

Frimple’s: 1701 State St.

Geneo’s Kitchen: 1213 Coast Village Rd.

Golden Bird Café: 304 E. Haley

Hamburger Habit

Inge’s Kitchen : 3007 De La Vina

Ireland’s Restaurant: 1270 Coast Village Rd.


Chauncey’s: 811 State St.

Feed Store: 110 Santa Barbara St.

Pancho Villa

Plaza Greek Restaurant

Rusty’s Pizza (four locations)


The Cooperage: 1227 State St.

Don’s The Beach Comber

Eleven Twenty Nine

Epicurean Catering Co.

Kirk’s San Roque

La Cocina

La Playa Azul

Turnpike Restaurant

Wholly Cow: 1165 Coast Village

Harry’s Towne House


Teaser’s: 1533 State St.


Andria’s Seafood

Chanticleer Restaurant: 1279 Coast Village Rd.

Chart House: 101 E. Cabrillo

The Chase Bar: 1012 State St.

Christians Continental Restaurant

Déjà vu: 1305 State St.

El Presidente: 2921 De La Vina

Flapper Alley: 5112 Hollister

Frannie Fox’s: 534 State St.

Jade Terrace: 30 Los Patos

John’s at the Beach: 611 State St.

La Grange: 1327 State St.

The Lilypad: 1020 State St.

Sambo’s (seven locations)

The Sojourner: 134 E. Canon Perdido

Strender’s Restaurant: 3902 State St.

Interior of Joe's Cafe


Burger King (two locations)

Capistrano: 302 W. Montecito

Derf’s Café: 2000 De La Vina

The Enterprise: 225 State St.

Fatso’s: 613 State St.

Gull’s Nest

La Chaumiere: 1305 State St.

Me Belly Full Café: 901 N. Milpas

Mousse Odile: 18 E. Cota

Paula’s Restaurant: 2700 De La Vina

Pelican’s Wharf

Penelope’s: 50 Los Patos Way


The Second Story


Cajun Kitchen

The Elegant Egg: 1018 State St.

Four Winds: 3435 State St.

La Super Rica

Pavlako’s: 217 Milpas

Santa Barbara Wine Cellar: 734 State St.

Skandi Buffet: 2911 De La Vina

The Spur: 115 So. La Cumbre

Taffy’s Pizza


Zorba: 813 State St.


Acapulco & Los Arcos

Banger’s: 8 E. Cota

Boulevard Café: 1 State St.

The Good Earth: 21 West Canon Perdido


Maggie McFly’s Saloon

The Mandalay

Mister Sipper: 1018 State St.

Presidio Café

Sherman House: 625 Chapala

U R My Sunshine BBQ

Rose Cafe on Haley Street.
Jen Villa


Alex’s Mexican Café: 711 State St.

Azuma: 1024 State St.

Baudelaire’s Café: 435 State St.

Bob’s Big Boy: 3800 Calle Real

Capt’n Quicks: 9 W. Victoria

Domino’s Pizza



Harry Gorilla’s Café

The Great Wall

Imperial Annam

Kelly’s Corner

Norbert’s: 302 W. Montecito

Open Door: 505 State St.

Pat & Mike’s: 920 De La Vina

Paradise Cafe

Rocky Galenti’s

Rose Café

Sakura Cherry Blossum

Your Place


Paul Bhalla’s

Boulevard Café



Brown Pelican


Chez Danielle

Chicago Rib Broker


El Pollo Norteno


Hibachi Restaurant

Judge for Yourself


Louie’s Restaurant

Main Squeeze



Metro Café

Michael’s Waterside

Norbert’s: 920 De La Vina

Palace Café: 8 E. Cota

Papagallo’s: 6527 Madrid

Philadelphia House

Pioneer Take Out

R & G’s

Rainbow Grill

Screwy Louie’s


Wine Cask Restaurant





Brophy Bros.




Honeybaked Ham

Maison Robert



Shores of Siam

Tastsu Yoshi

Number of Listed Restaurants in Santa Barbara by Year

1875: 1

1895: 3

1901: 3

1903: 12

1904: 11

1905: 10

1907: 20

1911: 27

1912: 23

1914: 18

1915: 17

1916: 17

1917: 26

1920: 21

1921: 23

1922: 36

1923: 41

1924: 41

1925: 48

1926: 48

1927: 67

1928: 66

1929: 77

1931: 79

1932: 88

1933: 97

1934: 99

1935: 97

1936: 101

1937: 101

1938: 98

1939: 101

1940: 104

1941: 105

1942: 107

1943: 80

1944: 79

1945: 85

1946: 90

1948: 98

1949: 127

1951: 148

1953: 148

1954: 152

1955: 132

1956: 119

1957: 126

1958: 121

1959: 129

1964: 141

1965: 161

1966: 164

1967: 180

1968: 187

1969: 206

1970: 198

1973: 208

1977: 241

1981: 265

1983: 306

1984: 326

1986: 320


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