Mainstream Media Is So Left

From Gun Rights to Immigration, Liberals Focus on One Side of the Issue

Much has been in the news lately regarding gun rights and the nature of our nation’s school security. The political climate has brought about passionate arguments on both sides of the debate, especially from grieving students. However, in my opinion, the mainstream media has mostly only given credence to one side of this debate which is indicative of a larger bias within the dominant news outlets across the country.

Throughout the last week, the mainstream media have pushed the narrative that the National Rifle Association and the GOP are supposedly complicit in the horrendous Florida school shooting that left 17 dead. Their criticisms go something like this: “The NRA donates millions of dollars to Republican campaigns and, therefore, any refusal to act on gun control legislation by the Republican-controlled Congress proves that Republicans are puppets to the NRA.” This logic is foolish because it assumes that Republican lawmakers were anti-gun before the NRA donations and suddenly became pro-gun after receiving said donations. Conservatives have always been the defenders of individual rights, including those in the Second Amendment.

Most importantly, gun-control advocates ignore the fact that the FBI did not follow protocols in investigating the shooter despite being warned several times of his intentions. If CNN can track down the Reddit user who created a Trump wrestling GIF last summer, how is it that our own FBI was unable to track down the Florida shooter despite being given his YouTube account with his real name? We should focus on correcting the FBI’s investigative mechanisms as information comes out, rather resorting to empty rhetoric about “gun control” that offers no specific proposals.

In the wake of the tragedy, CNN has trotted out many of the high school students for interviews in which they argue for gun control. While both sides of the debate are devastated for the students, CNN is interested in airing the grieving students’ gun-control advocacy because it agrees with the network’s liberal agenda. For example, suppose that grieving victims of the PULSE nightclub shooting advocated for a travel ban on Muslim-majority countries after the radical jihadist terror attack — would the network give such victims as much airplay as the grieving Florida students? Would the network similarly hail proponents of that idea as heroes?

Do mainstream networks ever call out Democratic politicians who receive Planned Parenthood donations, an organization that aborts more than 300,000 unborn babies annually? Of course not. Now that is an example of an organization that literally has blood on its hands, yet the media never portray Democrat politicians as being “bought and paid for” by the abortion mill. For instance, pro-abortion fanatic Senator Kamala Harris’s tweet about the Florida shooting, lamenting babies being slaughtered, is ironic as she supports an organization that does exactly that.

We always hear about the money being spent by the NRA on campaigns, but seldom about where that money comes from. The NRA raises its money from memberships and individual contributions from ordinary citizens. These are patriotic Americans who are simply donating to an organization that advocates for their constitutional right to bear arms. According to a recent study, 90 percent of the NRA’s donations are under $200 with the average donation being $35. To attack the NRA is to delegitimize these tens of millions of Americans’ genuine belief in the Second Amendment.

The liberal bias in the media goes beyond the news networks, our “comedy” media has also become incredibly partisan. Case in point: Jimmy Kimmel’s nightly show. Kimmel routinely brings in his son and grieving victims in order to add moral legitimacy to otherwise ill-informed liberal policies. Most recently, he interviewed Republican voters who opposed DACA while having them sit across from DACA recipients. The intention was clearly to portray the Republican voters as bigoted and anti-immigrant.

But flip the issue: Do you think Kimmel would ever interview California Democratic politicians who support sanctuary cities and sit them across from grieving mothers whose relatives were murdered by illegal immigrants? The answer again, of course not. He is only interested in pushing his liberal agenda, even if it costs him conservative viewers.

This clear liberal bias across the media is one of the biggest driving factors behind our country’s polarized political atmosphere. It is fun to finally see a Republican president in office who fights back against the blatant bias and trolls the media into oblivion. I hope the mainstream media will change their tactics for the good of the country’s morale.


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