Tea and No Sympathy

Nick Welsh made a touching tribute to Joe Wilson, and it would be enough just to point out Joe’s political perspective. However, when you turn a eulogy into a partisan rant, much as was done when Senator John McCain passed, I have to screw up my face and ask how deep is your hatred over an election.

Now, I can understand drinking tea for eight days in Niger can form a position on waging war, but how does that stack up against a Senate vote of 77 to 23 and a house vote of 296 to 133 that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and we need to remove him? Like Bill Cosby quipped when severely disciplining his son “I brought you into this world and I’ll take you out,” and it was us that put Saddam in power.

How does a unanimous UN 15 to 0 vote supporting Resolution 1441 requiring Saddam to comply with an order of disarmament or we will come in and make that happen, parlay with hearsay and opinion while socializing in the middle of Africa 4,000 miles from Baghdad?

In the interest of brevity, I’ll let you look up the number of countries that formed the coalition to invade Iraq. The evidence that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction was already evident when he gassed the Kurds. Why we gave him so much time to hide his other weapons I don’t know. Kind of like announcing a drug bust but giving the perp a chance to flush the stash down the toilet.

However, the rehash goes beyond attacking President Bush. I would go point-to-point on how wrong the left and liberal press has turned this Ukraine story upside down, but the truth will unfold over the course of time. Maybe there is not the stomach to jail a former Vice-President, but I think his son will be incarcerated again. The real joy will be when the Justice Department starts rolling on the corruption that runs deep in the previous administration, and it will be at that time the Indy will have to start making a case for Elizabeth Warren to be our first woman President. Better start sharpening those pencils. Make an appoint with your physician for sedatives, because if you’re full of hate now, you may need some serious medication.


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