Muggle Up!

I would like to encourage people to consider associating wearing masks with wearing seatbelts. Both are proven to reduce loss of lives. It has become second nature for most of us to “Buckle Up!” So, I propose that we now “Muggle Up!”

I do not consider recommendations and/or laws that ask us to wear seatbelts or masks as a punishment or an infringement on my freedom. This pandemic will fade into history. The sooner we can reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the sooner we can get back to our “normal lives.” Meanwhile, our first responders and medical personnel are being overwhelmed. Their lives are on the front lines and they are doing their best to keep up with the escalating number of cases that could have been prevented, by simply wearing masks.

Is it truly asking too much to accept the fact that by wearing a mask, we can help prevent spreading this disease? When did Americans stop caring about their fellow Americans or believing that we have the ability to overcome anything, as a “United Nation?” We have always pulled together during challenging times and we can pull together through this temporary pandemic, too.

“We the People,” need to accept the fact that wearing masks helps reduce risks and loss of lives, by simply covering our All-American Mugs.

So, c’mon fellow Americans. Please, wear a mask and “Muggle Up” so we can Snuggle Up, sooner.