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In an era where cannabis growers compete for the most potent pot, the duo behind Dad Grass are going in the complete opposite direction — as in, no potency from the psychoactive substance THC whatsoever, just the pleasures of smoking hemp without any of the confusion. 

Founders Ben Starmer and Joshua Katz, who first met while working at Levi’s in San Francisco but have since both moved to Los Angeles, recently answered the following questions about their new product via email together.  

Images Courtesy of Dad Grass

In a world striving to make more potent pot, what made you guys decide to go the opposite way?

Well, we believe that today’s weed just gets you too damn high! We longed for the days when we could enjoy a joint without fear of it ruining our experience by either making us paranoid or blasting us to the moon. 

A funny thing that we’ve seen happen in the cannabis industry, especially here in California, is that for many dispensaries “potency” equals “quality.” Take, for example, the celebratory drink: If you ask the bartender for the finest booze behind the bar, they wouldn’t pull out a bottle of Everclear, right?  

So, while there’s a time and place for getting stoned to the bone (if that’s your bag), there’s other ways to enjoy (and benefit) from cannabis, where you get all the goodness of the plant, without fear of losing a clear head. Dad Grass is kind of like having a glass of wine, not the whole bottle.

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What is the legal status of a product like this? 

Thankfully, the recently-passed 2018 Farm Bill made hemp completely federally legal again. What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? We know it’s confusing, especially with all the buzz around legal weed these days. The first thing to know is that hemp and marijuana are both technically cannabis. Marijuana, the mind-altering variety, contains more than 0.3 percent THC. Hemp, on the other hand, contains less than 0.3 percent THC. 

Is there any psychoactive effect that comes from Dad Grass?

Every specific body is different, so we can’t guarantee any effects, but we find it imparts a euphoric mood while keeping your head clear. 

Images Courtesy of Dad Grass

How about health concerns around smoking hemp like this? 

Smoking may not be “cool,” but it is the best known way to take advantage of the complete potential the magical hemp plant has to offer. When high-quality hemp buds are smoked, large amounts of CBD and trace amounts of THC go straight into your system for maximum benefit. 

Sure, you can get your CBD and some of the other good stuff from tinctures, edibles, and even sunscreen. But these products usually don’t have the 113 known cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that all work together to give you that full plant experience. 

Think of it this way: Would you rather eat an orange or take a vitamin D tablet? We would reach for that deliciously juicy fruit every time. 

Disclaimer: Smoking hemp has all the risks that come with smoking any sort of herb. Kids certainly shouldn’t do it. Everyone else should do it responsibly. 

Dad Grass ( is now for sale at Ace Rivington (La Arcada Courtyard, 1106 State St.; [805] 560-1580; in Santa Barbara. 

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