In the liberal political atmosphere of today’s media, academia, and federal bureaucracy, American corporations of all sizes are under attack.

The media’s actions denigrate the very financial structure of America, based on the corporation, as a soulless entity and recommends strong controls by the soulless government bureaucracies responsible to no one.

In rebuttal, the corporation, with its free enterprise and private property rights, is the foundation of the American government and society as envisioned by the founders of this country.

It is the “for profit” corporations that provide all of our American standards of living and make us all a stronger nation for it.

Corporations provide the majority of jobs and benefits in this country.

The profits of corporations provide investment funds for new jobs and retirement funds for all of us. Government, nonprofit corporations, and unions rely on corporations for all of their funding. It is the corporations that are the drivers of American wealth. Workers are paid by the corporations, not by unions, which just take their funds from them in dues.

Over the past 100 years we have all seen the rise and fall of communism, promoted by unions and left-wing liberals. Government is not capable of generating funds to make us wealthy; only capitalism in the form of corporations is. The world has discarded communism, but recent liberal thinkers still champion it. There is never more disparity in equality than in the fiefdoms reign of government officials over their employees and non-government employees.

All human organizations are flawed, like government and nonprofits, but the best result so far is based on the human drive to promote self and achieve wealth. This is best done through the corporation. Look around, corporations share their vast wealth in many ways through charities, which help support every aspect of American society-nonprofits like PBS, for example.

Ayn Rand, in her many books, also denigrated by the liberal left, promoted the corporation in the 1950s, when communism in the world was running rampant, and showed just how government and unions are undermining our freedoms to produce wealth. Atlas Shrugged, the movie based on her 1957 book, shown in many theaters, illustrated these issues clearly.

Today’s federal government, headed by socialist civil servants, is again threatening the freedom of the American people to act freely by imposing reckless and endless rules by arbitrary government bureaucracy — stealth communism. The 1930s saw the rise of communism and fascism in the U.S. and the world in general which led to all the wars of that period. The U.S. is repeating itself again in this anti-Wall Street movement.

This is what is really frightening, not corporations.


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