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Up until now I thought Mr. Angry Poodle was a smarter dog. In his latest opinion he alludes to the unvaxxed as “flat earthers.” He made a point about how vaccine makers don’t advertise the COVID vaccines on TV as they do their other drugs.

One reason why that’s a silly point to make is that with all the other drugs they push, they have to state the possible side-effects at the end of each commercial. Now how would it look if they started listing heart inflammation, anaphylaxis, blood clots, stroke, bell’s palsy, miscarriage, paralysis, etc. along with all the lesser effects? Also, why would they need to pay for advertising when the entire medical establishment as well as all the major media is constantly bombarding the public with the message that the vaccine is the only safe and effective way to win the war over this nasty virus?

It’s also unscientific to claim numbers of hospitalizations without reference to other factors besides their vaccination status. Now that we know that vaccine immunity wanes after a few months and that the antibodies of those who’ve already been sick are 20 times stronger and longer-lasting than the vaccine-produced antibodies, why would those who’ve already been infected want to jeopardize their immunity by getting further vaccines?

Probably 100 percent of the population has already been exposed to the virus in one way or another, and those who’ve remained well (especially children) or “asymptomatic” don’t require the jab.

So please, Mr. Angry Poodle, consult VAERS, the official government vaccine side-effects reporting agency, and retract your opinion about how rare the side-effects are when a Harvard study concluded that only one percent are reported to VAERS by doctors and that the general testing of the existing vaccines doesn’t end for another two years. —Steve Fields

“Poodle” author Nick Welsh responds:

To the many people who have objected to my use of the term “flat earthers” to describe those who have voiced their opposition to mandatory vaccinations, your point is valid. I allowed exhaustion and exasperation to get the better of me and descended to the level of those who have likened the county’s public health officers and county supervisors to Nazis in general and to Adolph Hitler in specific. It doesn’t work when they do it; it doesn’t work when I reciprocate in kind.

As far as the VAERS program alluded to, I would point out that this system collects any and all possible and suspected negative side effects, but not the ones that have been verified and documented.

As far as the benefits attributed to natural immunity, I can only point out a recent study from Kentucky indicating that people with so-called natural immunity are twice as likely to get re-infected than those who have been vaccinated. That is, admittedly, just one study. I think the science on this question remains hugely unsettled. —Nick Welsh


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