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Posted on July 19 at 8:11 p.m.

I see you are all sitting in the cheap seats.

Anyone take a look in the mirror lately?

Anyone here actually serving in the military?

I'm here and don't need your support and don't need to come home. Business is good these days...

Don't speak for the troops as if you know what we want...

if you want to support us, send some magazines, razors and babywipes.

On Hippycrits

Posted on June 7 at 4:02 a.m.


"...before we start arbitrarily killing dark-skinned people abroad who never attacked us."


1 - "We" don't do anything together...I fight wars, you do something else.

2 - Do you really believe that I arbitrarily kill dark-skinned people? Do really believe that? Seriously...where do you get the impetus for such a statement? Makes you sound

On Open Letter to Congresswoman Capps

Posted on June 7 at 3:43 a.m.

contactjohn: you might be a loon bro...just saying.

1 - Quick primer on war. There are 3 levels...Strategic (national policy), Operational (theater specific) and Tactical (local warfighting business). I operate exclusively in the Tactical and can tell you that all day, every day We (not you or contactjohn or the author of this opinion piece) win in this area in honorable fashion and is directly aligned with Operational objectives.

2 - Agreed...from the safety of SB things must seem a certain way but hear me on this. Your Marines are accomplishing miracles on a daily basis...truly amazing strides in counterinsurgecy, civial affairs, mil to mil cooperation/training and sincere, thoughtful attention to leaving the place better than we found it. that's not opinion brother...those are facts.

3 - Strategy...National Policy...not my gig but it seems that the longer I serve the more I realize that there are no absolutes and there is no easy fix and am suspect of those who choose to rally behind this naivete. Determining "our" strategy is left to those with DSL, Cars, 24hr access to food and entertainment in the safety and comfort of an air conditioned home/office in which to "Arm-Chair Quarterback" things they know the least about.

On Soul of the Nation

Posted on May 25 at 4:03 a.m.

SInce you are VP of VFP, I'll assume you are a veteran and have served in Afghanistan. I'll also assume then that you participated in Illegal and Immoral combat action and that during your deployment you knew that you were going to systematically fail.

Where do you get your ground truth? What unit did you serve with that fostered this view of combat? this moment I am not (and never have...) participating in any illegal or immoral war and consider the daily grind of an infantryman leading towards a just and noble solution that looks a great deal like winning...something I've known from the beginning.

On Token Withdrawal

Posted on May 25 at 3:20 a.m.

Mr. Hunt,
Who is this "We" you speak of? You don't do anything in regards to the current COIN fight anywhere. I do. Right now. Today. In real time and I don't see you. My version of "We" is my brothers to my left and right and does not include you. You cut and paste popular catch phrases and out-takes with a ever more popular one-line solution that does not and will not ever equate into real tactical solutions.
Your advice is noted but not taken...

On Soul of the Nation

Posted on May 25 at 12:39 a.m.

SezMe, this what I do for a living? Terrorize inhabitants? Kill civilians? Where do you get this?

Do you really picture a squad of Marines sitting around a terrain model and getting briefed, "OK...on today's patrol our mission is to terrorize everyone we see and we'll have air on station to kill all the civilians...any questions?"

On Open Letter to Congresswoman Capps

Posted on May 20 at 6:41 a.m.

How'd that "call" regarding "speaking out" go for you?

Where do you get this?
"U.S.-led nighttime raids that terrorize entire communities..."

Is that what I do? Is that my mission? In 21 years (and counting...) of service, I've never terrorized anyone, let alone a community.

How about a "call" for insurgents to stop planting IED's? Isn't that an outrage? Did you send that Open Letter yet?

Lastly...Just like the overwhelming majority of my kind, I have not ever come home crippled in any way, shape or form from 7 combat deployments.

On Open Letter to Congresswoman Capps

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