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Posted on October 5 at 8:44 p.m.

NO on Measure S.

If we have men or women who need to be in jail we we treat them no better than Joe Arpaio does prisoners in Arizona. They should: wear pink, sleep in tents, do manual labor 40 hours per week, have access to classical TV and shows like the Brady Bunch and Leave it to Beaver TV should be the only thing they see unless its news, receive basic food and basic medical care. If they are drug addicted or have a mental illness we should provide more care like 6 hour groups sessions 6 days a week, hard labor and private counseling. If we want them to be able successful in society, we will need to teach them skills they can use, discipline, how to sacrifice, delayed gratification, social skills and anything else they need. We certainly don't want them back in prison if we can help it. We might need a few temporary building and computers for this, but certainly not the money set aside in Measure S.

We could save a TON of taxpayers money if we did this. Vote NO on Measure S.

On Endorsements

Posted on September 12 at 6:28 p.m.

Money may not be able to buy love, health or happiness, but it can pay the rent which I have not been able to do since I was laid off.

-- I'd have chosen 'Job,' if it was offered as a choice.

On Given your wish, would you rather be:

Posted on August 31 at 8:53 p.m.

I've been in your shoes and it stinks. After 18 years of full-time employment I was laid off last year and again this year after less than 2 months into a new job. In all I've been unemployed 18 months and even with a college education I don't know when I'll find another job that even pays 60% of what I use to make, let alone something that will allow me to more than subsist with a room in a house.

My dream of a home and family in Santa Barbara crashed with the market, the loss of my job and unbelievable medical bills (even with insurance). Congress bailed out the banks and left the people scrambling to try and make it. No wonder we are headed for a double dip.

On Unemployment Benefits Blues

Posted on August 21 at 9:26 a.m.

We should require that anyone who receives services and is an alcoholic also receive "alcohol deterrents" (ADs) treatment - specifically, disulfiram and calcium carbimide - and perhaps mental health services. Even if they don't participate in the mental health services the alcohol deterrents (used long term) would make alcohol almost a non-issue.

On What’s Going To Happen To Ruth?

Posted on August 19 at 1:52 p.m.

I'd like to know a few things about the pensions and the individuals who will retire.

1) Do spouse's receive all or part of the pension benefits if the retire dies? If so, for how long?

2) How many years has each person worked for the city and how many years until expected retirement? (If future earns/pensions could be calculated at a future retirement it would also be nice to know.)

On Salary Watch: Goleta Sanitary District

Posted on August 3 at 5:15 p.m.

Great article but I am wondering why the DEA and Police are not doing the following:

1) use dogs to help locate possible marijuana groves and deploy surveillance systems to gather evidence and track the growers. Dogs could track the scent of marijuana from growers clothes and a grove if one is close by. If dogs were used at entrances to the Federal parks they might find growers before planting and if they wanted to track them into the track and monitor the operation.

2) use infrared technology to pinpoint marijuana growers in secluded areas. Infrared technology could help the DEA and Police pinpoint possible groves at night and allow for reconnaissance months before a grove is raided. All this could provided valuable evidence in tracking down those in organized crime.

3) use infrared technology during raids to effectively track growers during a raid with you can't visually see them escaping. Per the article, growers used trails unknown to the DEA an Police to get away.

As a side note, I recall reading somewhere that when people grow marijuana or manufacture other drugs on Federal land their assets can't be confiscated. Does anyone know if this is correct or not and if this also applies to State land too? If so, this needs to be changed.

On Week of Weed-Whacking

Posted on July 6 at 8:47 p.m.

Looking back on the years I can say that I have some regrets. The biggest is not knowing then how I would feel today about having a family. If I had realized then what I would have missed, the regret that I feel and the sense of loss I have when I look into the future I would have done anything to have the family I now long for.

It may be a little late but I have not given up complete hope. My recommendation now to anyone in their 20's or 30's is to think about what they want their life to look like now and later on. If someone had done that for me, I have the feeling that I would have the family I long for.

On Why Have Kids?

Posted on July 2 at 8:03 p.m.

One important item that no one is reporting on is that the Mother is an illegal alien. She should not be in the United States and now California will not only have to pay to imprison and "rehabilitate" her in order to "re-unite" her with the son she abused, but we will have to pay the considerable medical bills that could be life long for an innocent child abuse by someone who should not be in this country. Its highly unlikely that she would ever be deported. Shame on us for allowing anyone who illegal to stay.

I feel for the child, but am sickened that no one has the backbone to deport anyone found in the country illegally. There is a process to get to the US, which needs to be fixed, but for now we need to follow the rules.

On Goleta Woman Arrested for Child Abuse

Posted on June 25 at 11:12 a.m.

Loonpt -

I know and fully understand the costs associated with testing and the local dispensaries should be testing everything now. The most respected dispensary in California, Harborside Health Center, tests everything that comes through their doors through Steep Hill Lab and they have been doing this for more than one year. They are and have been on the cutting edge in this industry for years and we should be looking at what they are doing. Harborside Health Center is beginning to clearly address the health and welfare of their patients, the medical community and general public's concerns by identifying best practices for dispensaries and seeking to identify strains with beneficial properties associated with high levels of cannabinoids and address the issues surrounding highly psychotropic strains that patients and the general public have. They have not banned highly psychotropic strains, but are promoting them. I feel that we can and should regulate the THC and cannabinoid levels for efficacy.

I did not say that high THC levels were not needed by some patients, I did say that regulating the THC level (7% and below) will reduce the high psychotropic strains and increased the low psychotropic strains found in local dispensaries. Many patients do not require high levels of THC and many strains have low levels of cannabinoids as to almost be no-existent. (Which were 'bred out' of the plants in an effort to increase the THC levels for the "high.") Strains with low levels of THC and high/higher levels of cannabinoids have already been identified by Harborside Health Center and other dispensaries. Dispensaries up North have been working with growers to develop and produce more marijuana with higher levels of cannabinoids and lower levels of THC already and this practice should be looked at and I feel emulated appropriately . -- Harborside Health Center and others recognize that alleviating pain and reducing the high psychotropic effects are wanted not just by patients but also by the general community because of the issues surrounding recreational use and the perception that non-users have. California voted for Prop 215 to help patients with pain not to facilitate someone getting "high" and while higher THC levels may help those in extreme pain, the "sale" and use of marijuana with high THC leves does not help the majority and only exacerbates the public's impression that marijuana is primarily used for recreation use by young adults at the dispensaries for a quick "high."

As for burning it, if we regulate it now and give everyone 90 or 120 days to comply, after the regulation takes effect, we will not need to burn it or see it on the "black market." There is enough information out there now that any grower would be able to comply in a short period of time and fulfill the requirements of supplying low THC and high/higher cannabinoid marijuana for patients.

On Pot Shops Limited to Three

Posted on June 24 at 1:29 p.m.

Our city council has lost the opportunity to regulate this burgeoning industry here in Santa Barbara. With better regulation, the city council could have regulated the:

-- THC and cannabinoid levels of the strains dispensed - THC levels above 7% could have been banned and cannabinoid levels equal to THC level could have been required. This would have reduced the amount of high psychotropic strains and increased the low psychotropic strains in this area and ensured that beneficial cannabinoid levels were increased. Few if any individuals need levels above 7% THC (high psychotropic) and by reducing access to those strains we might have seen a drop in "recreational use" if this occurs.

-- how advertising occurs and if any "free joints" or "samples" could have been given or inducements made for any person to join a collective. (Free joints when you purchase a specific amount or on a specific day, just seems wrong to me and reduces the amount of taxes collected if not done properly.)

-- and required that samples of all strains dispensed are analyzed for pathogens, THC, cannabinoid and pesticides. This would have been a great start to ensuring that dangerous levels of pesticides or mold were not present.

With that said, expect to see an influx of neighborhood collectives and delivery services in the next few months. The new ordinance has assured the growth of these "businesses" and if done properly they will be operating in a neighborhood near you soon, by the very people that the city is now closing...

I can't help but wonder was the response will be if some of the more vocal members of the "red shirts" or council members awoke to find that the house next door was now a collective with a large grow facility.

On Pot Shops Limited to Three

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