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Posted on October 6 at 1:32 p.m.

Waste of taxpayers money when there are so many more important things they need to focus on.

On Raid on Mountains of Marijuana

Posted on October 1 at 2:19 p.m.

Congratulations Amir.

Ricka3, this is a special program for special (smart...) kids. Selection is not based on the color or national origin and only based on merits and where one lives. It is also real world. Just like getting a job at Google. Would you say Google is xyz since most of their employees are certain color or of certain origin? They are selected based on their brain and not color. I like the fact the DP is increasing its size so all kids who want to join can. Hope that is sooner than later.

On A Genius Among Us

Posted on August 23 at 11:54 a.m.

Can community put pictures of such people in shackes around relevant neighborhoods with the following caption or similar: "You know him? Want to end up like this? Stop Now."

I am not sure how many join gangs not understanding what it really would do to their lives, their victims' and all families involved. maybe such postings would help.

On Hendry’s Beach Murder Suspect in Court

Posted on August 13 at 9:24 a.m.

Let's make drivers license what it really reflects: Ability and allowed to drive and remove the notion that it represents legal residency. This way legal and illegal residents who can drive should get a drivers license and insurance and registration in order to drive. So while their legal status is not taken care of, their responsibility to drive a vehicle is taken care of. Most comments above talk about why someone who does not have a drivers license should not drive a car...

Let's change the 1994 law and give those who live here and can drive a vehicle a drivers license and require them to get insurance and registration like the others.

On Towed Away

Posted on July 26 at 10:48 a.m.

" They see it as a continuation of the old. "

That is true. Obama has changed some things within (some would like it some would not - I do). But when it comes to foreign policy, it really does not matter who is the president. The language and rhetoric change, the action/reality does not. Hmmm, why? Because corporate influence in the government does not change...

On Far Left and Liking It

Posted on June 30 at 11:57 a.m.

Yes blocker, we should not simplify. There is no one-to-one relationship here as in anywhere else.
Having said that, the enormous U.S. funds, intelligence, and arms to Israel, where Israel as a government/country continues to ignore human rights violations, repeatedly objected to by European and other first-world nations, does contribute to the anger and unfortunately even facilitate legitimization of even illegitimate voices in third world countries against it.

Now and where we are:
- Israel should stop killings, imprisoning... which was the reason for its foundation.
- What Israel does is for Israel and Jewish people and therefore from their point of view logical. What is not understandable is why Americans put themselves in harm's way and support what they detest (violation of human rights...) allowing control of their foreign policies by Israel and its supporters ( ). There is no benefit to us Americans in such one-sided support of the state of Israel. Yes, if Israel is under serious threat we should support them but why are we supporting (providing weapons, which should only be used in defense and not offense and funding) their killings of civilians... One does not have to look too far - look at Flotilla, USS Liberty ( ) to see the lies and arrogance and control of the media. Look at , just do not expect Fox/ABC and other major news SHOWS controlled by Murdoch and other Zionist supporters to tell the truth. We live in great times thanks to YouTube and other portals and look forward to the day that major news media and U.S. politicians think of protecting America, American lives, and our children’s future and not their self well-beings and their foreign friends.

On Israel’s First Bedouin Diplomat Visits Santa Barbara

Posted on May 12 at 10:27 a.m.

Please let's remember innocent till proven guilty. With all witnesses we expect to have seen the crime it should not be hard to ID the criminal but let's wait till that is done in the court.

On Robles Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charge

Posted on May 7 at 9:37 a.m.

Great job SBPD and the lady for calling right away. glad she is fine.

On Police on Lookout for Gunman

Posted on March 26 at 10:51 a.m.

"With designs on making the Gifted and Talented Education classes in grades 7 through 12 more accessible to a broader, more ethnic and socioeconomic range of students". So, the design is not to improve education and rather being simple-mindedly racially sympathetic.

I think for now the kids and their parents who could not get in are happy. My guess is that these kids will get even less of a good education or the "rigor" and "level" will have to be downgraded.

On GATE Goes Honors

Posted on March 24 at 9:26 a.m.

Paul's piece is well-written gramatically and reads well but faulters, as does our GATE District Advisory's recommendation, by mixing irrelevant points and therefore reaching the wrong conclusion. It is like saying carpool lanes are also used by people who should not be in them so let's get rid of the carpool lane or make it wider so others can get in there too.

If GATE is broken (which is) then it should be fixed but fix is not by getting rid of it or adding non-whites (or whites...) to it and rather by fixing the entrance criteria into the program (from now on so no upsetting the current parents/kids). So solution to GATE is not adding based on color/race to the group and rather correct the selection criteria and also providing proper education for all regardless of color.

On Exit GATE

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