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Posted on March 11 at 6:30 p.m.

I am very dissapointed that in a "History 101" column, the best information Mr. Redmon could come up with was "Pink Bean Charlie".

I guess the legacy of Mr. Storke the media magnate and his rivalry with Mr. Preisker is still running strong in the SB news circles. That's only explanation I can think of why a "historian" would focus on a bean contract when given the rich legacy of a man who accomplished as much through his work on the board of supervisors for this county as anyone in it's history.

The fact is if you are a citizen of this county who drives on the roads, enjoys the fact that there is no longer yearly flooding season, appreciate having what is considered one of the most beautiful and elegant courthouses in the entire world....then you owe a direct debt of gratitude to the tireless efforts of Mr. Preisker to create infastructure and beauty in this county that was far ahead of his time.

He accomplished this through creative taxing of oil companies to pay for this massive infastructure the time this was an innovative approach...and nowadays something any historian worth a lick would express in a biography of the man.

For shame, this man's legacy deserves so much more...for he truly was one of the driving forces that created the beauty we all appreciate today.

On Charles Preisker

Posted on March 2 at 10:24 a.m.

Nothing will change as long as our mayor, police chief, and city council continue to do nothing in favor of not having to deal with the hard facts about where this violence is centered.

In the same neighborhood, only hours after this rally a young man was nearly beaten to death, he was hit over the head with a cinder block by gang members he was trying to stop from groping a young woman.

Our city's leaders speedily dealt with underage drinking by passing the "social host" ordinance, well what about some repurcussions for the parents of these gangsters.
Isn't that where it all starts, parents who allow this type of behaviour?

Why are we waiting for them to actually join gangs and then offer them a summer job as the solution?
Very clearly that is not working.

Until our city's soft hand on gang violence is changed to zero tolerance and our leaders not only accept, but seek out what ever aid in fighting the violence that is available..........i.e. federal gang injuctions, ICE cooperation to deport illegal criminals, etc..................we are being told that they really don't care and it is the public's problem to deal with.

Our leadership needs to be held accountable for ignoring this problem.

On Marching in Memory of Murder Victim

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