A Break in Your Life Line Can Mean a Leap Towards Your Destiny

Batya Debunks the Fears and Myths of Palmistry

Palm diagram

When people are first approached about palm reading, the usual answer to the question, “Would you like your palms read?” is, “I don’t want to know!” Then the potential customer at a fair or festival walks on by, shaking his or her head.

My thought, usually left unspoken, is what is it they don’t want to know? What their gifts and talents are? How they might have commercial success? What are the best conditions for a good relationship?

No, for most passers-by like these, what they are trying to avoid is information about when they are going to die and if that event will come soon.

Most palmists these days will not give predictions such as “a fatal illness will attack you at 42, and you will die by 45.” If they ever did so, it was during the old school days of palmistry.

Nowadays, enlightened palmists tend to think of the lines on the palm as reflecting electrical impulses from the brain. The brain, in turn, is a conduit for channeling the soul. Using will power, you can redirect the impulses and create new lines on the palms, reconstructing your life and take precautions with information that is given during a reading. Nothing is cut in stone. Besides, you are in charge of your own life. You are the stone cutter!

Besides, palmists are never infallible. Lines are never completely static. Smaller lines change on their own every two weeks or so, and even the basic arteries (heart, mind and life) can alter themselves frequently with no conscious attempt at redirection or self-cure.

Furthermore, exact dating is never possible. So why make someone his or her own executioner? For thinking an event will happen could have the effect of bringing it about; mind over matter, and all that.

I encourage subjects to think of the lines on their hands as the road in front of their car, with the car they are driving is the ego. You still have your two hands on the steering wheel and, I always point out, and you can grab and even turn the wheel to avoid a block in the road if you are forewarned and see an obstacle coming.

So, if a palmist tells you that at a certain age (one inch measuring about 25 years down a life line) a break occurs, don’t think that means you will die. Just prepare for the fact that you may undergo some kind of physical trauma. Even then, if the break is assisted by a supporting parallel life line, the break is merely a shearing in the line, which can indicate a change in the direction and quality of life, perhaps resulting from a radical change in life circumstances.


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