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What the Whorls on Your Fingers Say About You

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Dactylomancy is an ancient study. Evaluating character by means of fingerprints originated in Japan and the Far East. But this branch of chiromancy was not introduced to the West until a 17th century text by Hoeping, titled Chiromantia Harmonica, appeared.

According to this source, German palmists understood circular concentric circles, or whorls, on all four fingers to be a sign of lecherousness. Today, we think of those whorls as a sign of individuality, as well as intelligence.

Some experts thought by the nineteenth century that this circular whorl marked the kind of person who needed to be secretive. Hence, this sort can exhibit radical disregard for others, as do criminals.

Similarly, Kojima, a Japanese expert, found that a person with whorls on all fingers would be restless, sensitive, and clever. Kojia found that, after examining the hands of 200,000 criminals, this type of person would be eager for action and inclined to commit crimes.

Before you start wondering whether or not you’re committing crimes in your sleep, you might want to study your fingers a bit more closely. Which of your fingers does the whorl sit on?

A whorl on a particular finger represents individuality of only the aspect governed by that finger. Thus, if you have a whorl on your Apollo finger, you might be very original in the ways you creatively express yourself. Jackson Pollack might have had one.

Likewise, a whorl on your little finger might indicate individuality in the ways you relate to people. You might be unconventional in terms of sex or money. You might be a man who pays women to throw grapefruits at you, or a mature woman who pays young men for sex.

The whorl rings the single finger in isolation, investing particular importance in the qualities of that finger.

You only need to put yourself under 24-hour surveillance if you have such concentric circle marks on all four fingers on each or either hand. For example, perhaps you have four whorls on your finger tips on your left hand, but not on your dominant right. This might mean you have overcome and/or conquered your inborn criminal tendencies.

However, four whorls on your dominant right hand and none on your left might mean that you weren’t born with any criminal tendencies. Perhaps you rose to the occasion given your environment. Perhaps you were a victim of criminalization of poverty.

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