Been Here Before

Hi Laura,

A question that haunts me: Do animals choose the circumstances they end up in just like humans do before reincarnating?

– – –

Let’s ask my animals this question.

Makia the cat says, “I am not sure if I choose it or if it was chosen for me. I remember being in heaven and wanting to live someplace tropical with beautiful flowers, butterflies, and birds. Then I remember this big tabby cat telling me I had to go and meet you and you don’t live in a place like that. I remember being disappointment but saying okay. I am happy I live with you because I feel like I am wiser than I would have been anywhere else, but I still wish we lived somewhere tropical.”

Laura Stinchfield

Serafina the cat says, “I don’t remember heaven, but I bet I did because when you found me, I thought, ‘There is my mom. She’ll take me home now.’ So I am sure I did choose my life. I don’t remember choosing being thrown out of a car but it led me to you so maybe I did.”

Joey the cat says, “Yes, I remember it well. I said I want to be brave in this life, so that big tabby cat Makia talked about said to me, ‘Then we will put you in a home with crazy kids to create fear and then we will put you in a good home so that you can become brave.’ I am very brave now. I also remember deceased human spiritual masters telling me that I would teach people that animals have thoughts and feelings. They said it was a big job.”

Bean the rabbit says, “I don’t know why I would ever choose to be treated roughly by people. That sounds ridiculous. God must have been mad at me. I am sure I chose to live with you—someone that gives me treats and salad mix every night. Every moment I choose to be grateful and trusting rather than nervous and scared. Maybe I chose the first experience so that I know the value of trust and gratitude.”

Storm the Aussie dog says, “I remember looking at people and choosing you. I remember talking to a being about living with a wolf dog and being her teacher. I remember how the angels told me I would be a dog that would help many beings smile and feel complete. I know I chose my life. I didn’t choose every experience because I think we all have free will when we are here, but I definitely chose my life and what I would learn and give during it. I always strive to make others happy. That is my job. You have to make wise decisions once you are here.”

Maia wolf dog from heaven says, “I have chosen all of my lives. The reason why I chose to be beaten and abused during my past life is because I had to learn that someone would not give up on me and that I could transcend anything. It was a test in faith and perseverance for my person and myself. I had to endure a great amount of suffering so that my spirit would know great pain. My spirit needed to know this so that in my next life I can spread hope and the image of a much greater life for those who suffer. My person had to experience that as well. We may not choose every incident, but we choose our general lessons. Storm is right. Then it is up to us to make wiser decisions and grow—otherwise our suffering will continue for lifetimes. It is important to value good teachers and your own inner strength. Our lives once we get to earth are we what we make of them.


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