I ask my animals, “What is the most conscious element of our relationship with one another?” They respond:

Makia, the 15-year-young cat, says, “Everyone but Luca is conscious of each other’s bodies. We know where each of us has pain. We also know which foods we like and which foods we don’t like. If Joey doesn’t like a food and I do, he will let me know when he has some left over on his plate. We also keep each other safe by telling each other that it is nighttime and we all need to go inside. We look out for one another.”

Serafina, the 10-year-young cat, says, “We have been learning that if we don’t understand something we ask questions. We never make assumptions. Like when Makia used to hiss at me I thought she was just being mean, but when I asked her why, she said she was scared I was going to jump on her body. Now we pay more attention to each others’ feelings. We talk to each other with body language and with our minds. We respect each others’ sleeping areas and rarely sleep in the other one’s space. We are not afraid to ask for help.”

Joey, the 17-year-young cat, says, “I think that we know each others’ past story, and we realize that we have lived together for many years and experienced the same situations, but the situations changed us differently. We realize that what made one of us brave and strong may have made the other one nervous. We are conscious that we are different in a good way.”


Bean the rabbit says, “I think it is wonderful that I can speak to my family about things that no one else would know I was concerned about, like how rabbit meat is sold at the Ojai farmers market. The place where we get my veggies and carrot tops allows people to sell rabbits who were killed at slaughterhouses. This is very sad to me. I don’t think that is a humane and conscious way to kill rabbits. I think rabbits should die naturally. I am glad that I am able to voice my thoughts.”

Storm, the 12-year-young Aussie dog, says, “I think what is most conscious about our family is that we value our friends. We love our friends and they love us. We pay attention to our friends’ feelings, and we tell them we love them when they have had a hard day.”

Luca, the 7-month-young poodle puppy, says, “I think consciousness is listening to you when you call my name. It is also listening for noises to bark at. It is knowing how to get home from the park. It is also knowing that I have a family.”

Maia, wolf dog from heaven, says, “The most conscious element of our family is that we can talk to each other through dimensions. We are never separate and we are always a part of one another. It is also that each and every one of us knows that there are angels, ancestors, and a higher power wanting us to be happy and healthy. We have voices no matter what dimension we are in. We value and love each other.”

Laura Stinchfield is a professional Pet Psychic and owner of ThePetPsychic.com. She can be reached at (808) 895-5968 or laura@thepetpsychic.com.


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