Laura as a child, talking to Taffy

Occasionally, clients will ask me to talk to their animals about whether or not they have known each other in another life. I always share that animals are like us. We may know nothing at all about our past lives or we may have little glimpses, while some of us may remember all the details. Today, I ask my animals, “Do you remember a past life with me, and if so what was it like?”

Makia, my pure white cat, says, “I remember us being sun-beings together. It was before we came into human life. We would travel in light form and bring love to the dark areas of the universe. I was also your cat when you were a little boy in Tibet. You would sneak me up to the altar so that I, too, could pray. When you became a teenager we lived in a cage together, and there I helped you heal an injured yak. Everyone in town used to say, “Look at that boy with his cat.”

Laura Stinchfield

Serafina, my all-gray cat, says, “I lived with you many, many years ago. We lived in the country, and you were a woman writer. I would sit in the trees or curl up in your lap by the fire as you wrote. I would even go down to the stables with you. You talked to animals then, too, but you told no one about it. You wrote about people, relationships, love, betrayal, and how people lose their integrity. People loved your work, but you lived alone because people were scared you would see and judge them for their shortcomings. You wouldn’t have, but you didn’t really feel alone because you had your horse and your cat.”

Bean, my black bunny, says, “I have lived with you in this life several times. I was your bunny Forgery when you were a child, your bunny Sera when you were a young woman, and now I am Bean. I have come back to you over and over again so you can do right by bunnies. As you become wiser about the plight of rabbits, you are becoming a better bunny mom. Now it is time to let me run around the whole house without any gates.”

Luca, my young poodle, says, “We all know I was Maia your wolf dog. But I know that we were once animals together. Sometimes at night when I close my eyes and snuggle up to your legs, I feel I am lying with my wolf-mom in nature. I know we were wolves together; Makia, our cat, she was an eagle that used to watch over us. She let us know where the big game to hunt resided and if there were any dangers around. She was our protector.”

Laura with Stormy, today.

Stormy, my Aussie dog, says, “Mom, we have lived so many lives together. We were human siblings once. I found life hard because our father used to hunt whales, and he would make me go along with him. (Stormy dreamed this once.) We have been elephants together. And in this life I was your dog as a child. (A Yorkshire terrier named Taffy. She died when I was five). Mom, we will be together over and over again because we are in each other’s lives for companionship, good conversation, and unconditional love.”


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