Laura asks her animals, “What should we say to people whose pets have just died?”

Serafina, the gray cat says, “We should tell people that your animal becomes a spirit that sometimes looks like your animal but moves faster and feels freer. That animal spirit will visit you. If you pay attention you will feel them. They may lie next to you on the bed or run around the house. If they don’t look like they did as an animal, they might be a flash of light or a swift breeze.”

Makia, the white cat, says, “I died and came back to life so I know this. Heaven has love that is even stronger than the love you give your animal. So your animal is happy in heaven. That love feels like your love. Your animal may miss you a little but they are comforted with a great feeling of similarity: My mom says that there is a higher part of you in heaven that your animal can visit. I didn’t see my mom when I was there, but I was only there for a short time.”

Laura Stinchfield

Stormy, the Aussie dog, says, “In heaven your animal is not suffering. They feel good. They can hear you when you talk to them. We like to light candles for animals on the other side because in heaven candles look pretty. I would say that most animals are not sad in heaven and if they are sad in heaven they find a way to reincarnate. If you celebrate their life with you, they will hear you, and feel loved by and connected to you.”

Luca, the young poodle, says, “I want to say that you should concentrate on what made your animal special and think of just that. When you think about how wonderful your animal was in life they are more able to travel to higher dimensions. This is good because they learn more.”

Bean, the black bunny, says, “There are a lot of spirits in heaven. If you have a friend or ancestor in heaven they will come for your animal and make sure your animal is safe. They didn’t need to know your animal to help. These spirits people come because they love you.”

Joey, cat in heaven, says, “Tell people that once we die we are still connected to them. It is important to remember us with love because it fuels us on our journey. We have fun here. Everything you can imagine, everything we loved, we can do here. I have big trees to climb and I have ponds I can visit. I also visit some of the old houses I lived in with my family. I come around my mom and the other animals all the time. I also help my mom become more conscious. Even though we have jobs here in heaven, there still is a lot of time that we reside in our families’ love. If you worry about us it makes us sad. It is better to believe that we are well.”

Maia, dog in heaven, says, “There is always a part of our heart connected to yours. I know you are sad and it is okay to cry, but know that we hear what you are saying and we come to you just like we did in life. It is not a memory when you feel us, it is actually our presence. Believe that we are there and you will sense more of us. Believe that there is a beautiful place that exists and you will be able to feel it. Imagine a world on the other side of the stars. Imagine a world in the middle of a ray of sunshine. Imagine a world deep in your hearts. That is where we are. Always remember that we are still alive.”

4-1-1:Talk with Pet Psychic Laura Stinchfield and Her Dogs Stormy and Luca on Tuesday, April 17, 7-8:30 p.m. at the Ojai Holistic Healing Center, 107 W Aliso Street Ojai, CA 93023. $15. Laura will be talking about her life as a pet psychic / animal communicator, and when she could first hear animals. She will give tips on how to talk to animals better, and how to read animal body language, and how to deal with common behavioral problems.

Laura will also address issues of death, dying, and animal reincarnation.

There will be a question and answer portion where attendees can ask questions of Laura and her two dogs Stormy and Luca.

Bring photos of your animals, and if there is time Laura may talk to a few of your pets.

Laura dedicates her life to helping humans and animals to understand each-other better. After attending this talk you will be able to understand the world’s animals in a more complete way.


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