Ai and Rosa
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Ai, my cohost of Pet Psychic radio and the producer of most all my videos, has recently undergone a 12-hour surgery to give her mother 30 percent of her liver. The goal is to save her mother’s life. Ai is in Japan in the hospital right now in extreme pain. The simple task of walking is difficult because of the pain and the lack of strength in Ai’s abdomen.

Ai and her husband John’s animals are back in the states. She has a young, medium-to-large mixed-breed dog named Ripley, a small poodle named Aloha (who is actually Ai’s mother’s dog), and a cat named Rosa. Ventura, a Dalmatian, and Henry, the cat, are two of her animals in spirit. Here we ask all them if they have anything to say to Ai.

Laura Stinchfield

Rosa the cat says, “I want to tell my mom that I am thinking about her all the time. When I feel her in bed trying to sleep, I go to her in my mind and lie next to her. I try to send her the image of me cuddling up to her and the feeling of home. I know she feels very far away from home. We miss her so much, but there is a lot of love for us here. We are being very well taken care of. Please tell my mom that I love her and that I know she will heal fast. Tell my mom that I am keeping the bed warm and cozy for her so that she will be comfortable when she comes back.

Henry, cat in spirit, says, “Mom, when you were being operated on, I made sure that the doctors’ hands were clean and very agile. I made sure that his thoughts were concentrated. They were already, but I made extra sure. He was thinking about what an amazing daughter you are, and he was thinking that you are very special. When he saw your insides, he thought you were pure and healthy. Mom, you will heal fast. I am helping the angels help you. Don’t worry. You will feel better soon.”

Ripley the dog says, “Mom, we are having a lot of fun here, so don’t you worry. And nobody has forgotten about you even though you have been gone for a long time. Everyone is talking about you more than if you were here. Mom, you have a lot of friends, and everyone is sending you love. I miss you and love you, mom. Come home soon. Everyone is proud of you. Heal fast, Mom. Heal fast.”

Aloha dog says, “Mom, I can see how much pain you are in, and I think to myself that you are such a good person. I can feel you are nauseous and a little scared. I want you to know that the angels are helping you. I know this because when I close my eyes I see the angels healing you and your mom. They are paying extra attention to you. Mom, everyone is amazed at how beautiful and good you are, and I am proud to be your dog. Mom, we are being well taken care of. Heal up, Mom. I love you. Tell Dad, ‘Hi.’ Ripley and Rosa say, ‘Hi,’ to Dad, too.”

Ventura, dog in spirit, says, “Mom, when you dream, I try to come into your dreams to show you my world. I try to take you to places that music is born and where creation starts. I want you to see it so that you can forget about your body pain for a while. Mom, I don’t eat a lot of food here in heaven. I don’t pick things up everytime I see something that tempts me. You would be proud of me. Mom, there are a lot of spirits around you. You have spirit friends here, and they are sitting in the hospital room trying to make you and John laugh and trying to make you feel loved and at peace. They are helping you the best they can. Mom, I go into the room too and sleep by your bed. Mom, all the doctors, nurses, and everyone that knows you think you are amazing. Mom, know that the angels are thinking of something special to do for you after this is all through. Mom, know that you have a pure heart and everyone sees it. I love you, Mom. You will get better fast.”


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