Where Intuition Comes From

An Internal Compass

I often tell people that my work and my abilities/gifts, to talk to animals or speak to the dead for instance, are possible because I have studied my intuition. The Oxford dictionary describes intuition as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

Intuition is my internal compass. It keeps me safe and helps me progress as conscious, aware being. It tells me which opportunities to take and which ones to let go.

Laura Stinchfield

We often tell each other, “Follow your intuition,” but this is not always as easy as it sounds. Just ask anyone who has fallen in love with the wrong person or entered a business endeavor they should not have ventured into, only to admit later that there were signs that the choices they were making were not good ones. What we want to believe can be a strong force; A force that can drastically and negatively impact our lives. How do we know the difference between our true intuition and what we want to believe?

For myself, true intuition is a subtle feeling deep in the center of my being. It is what “feels right.” It is a sense of calm, quiet, confident knowing. It reminds me of placing a key in the right keyhole. When I am tricking myself by saying that something is good for me when it isn’t, there is subtle feeling in my body of longing or reaching. I imagine it feels like an addict reaching for their vice. It comes with tightness around my chest. If I look deeper within, I find a slight feeling of arguing with myself. It can feel “dirty” or out of focus. I believe it takes intense study of oneself to truly know the difference.

I pride myself on the accuracy of my work and the surprising details that come through to my consciousness. It is extremely complex and tremendously simple at the same time. I have found that place within me where intuition resides and it is from that place that I begin a conversation with an animal or with a dead person. Then it is just riding a wave and staying focused on the thoughts and images that pop into my consciousness. If I have my own agenda or my own preconceived ideas about a situation they begin to bombard that wave or muddy the waters. I am then like a boat leaking gasoline into the pure waters. I must know what “feels” different than the purity of intuition and what feels contaminated.

People often say that I am “gifted” and to some extent that might be true. Though if I didn’t study my gift, I would never get better at it.

I have met some psychic children that can literally “smell” when something is off; a pungent smell will arise in their consciousness. Have you ever heard the phrase, “It just doesn’t smell right”? I have heard other psychics talk about a screaming or a buzzing in their ear when the pure water of their intuition is getting muddied. Everyone is different.

When I was a child I often heard, “Where do you come up with these things? You have such an active imagination.” I heard that phrase so many times that I was driven to find the place within myself that these thoughts and ideas arose. It is a different place and a different feel within me than creativity. I encourage you to watch when you either say this phrase to yourself or to your children. It may just be that it is not your imagination, but intuition, trying to tell you something.

Where does your intuition come from? What does it feel, sound, look, or smell like? Where in your life have you confused your wants with the power of your intuition?

Do you believe and have faith in your own internal compass?


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